The World is Not Enough

Revealing mistake: When Bond is going to the Swiss banker's flat in Bilbao at the beginning of the film, there is a scene where, in the background, you can clearly see people watching the filming. (00:01:15)

Revealing mistake: After Bond jumps out of the window grabbing a strap, when he is hanging loose you can notice the cable holding him parallel to the body, pointing towards the sky. The strap is diagonally placed pointing towards the building.

Sacha Premium member

Revealing mistake: During the gun battle after Renard escapes the bunker, someone gets shot, and you see the stunt bloke dive to the floor and scream even though the gun wasn't even pointed at him or any bullets fired. He's the one standing just to the right of the jeep as we look at it.

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Suggested correction: He's jumping out of the way, so he doesn't get run over by the jeep.

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Suggested correction: Not a mistake or error. This was done on purpose to show it from both Bond's and Renard's perspective.

Revealing mistake: After Renard has been hit with the rod at the end, he falls and as he lands the rod shakes, revealing that it is in fact light and hollow. (01:56:15)

Revealing mistake: During the pursuit scene on the Thames, there is nobody in the boat during one shot, when it breaks the fence. (00:11:55)

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: When James Bond is on the run from the helicopter in the caviar factory, he backs into a metal pipe, holding his Walther P99 just above his head. Yet, if you watch the pipe you can see that it is a prop, as the pipe wobbles when Bond backs into it.

Revealing mistake: In the scene at the end when the sub explodes, you see the hull split in two and the propeller drops away. But you do not see the prop shaft.

Revealing mistake: When Bond is talking with Zuckovsky in the casino, you can see a television set behind them with images from a security camera. You can tell it's the same footage used in the shot before showing people in the casino, only played again on the television.

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: When Bond goes skiing with Electra to check the pipe lines, in one scene you can see ski tracks in front of the pair. They could be from previous line inspections, but surely they would have been snowed over? That area doesn't look like a popular ski resort....

Revealing mistake: When Cigar Girl crashes her boat, as the camera view approaches the shore the railings are already broken.

Revealing mistake: When Bond goes to Azerbaijan and exits the oil fields in his BMW and into the forest, the long shot is an obvious minature.

Revealing mistake: During the ski chase, a paratrooper pulls out a submachine gun and fires a volley of bullets at Bond. However, as these hits the ground, you can see that actually there are two parallel lines of explosions behind Bond. The submachine gun can't possibly shoot two regular lines of bullets like that. (01:37:00)

Revealing mistake: When Bond escapes the Swiss bank through the window with the very large suitcase supposedly full of money (paper), he swings it around like it's empty (which it probably was).

Jacob La Cour

Revealing mistake: When Bond is traveling to meet Elektra for the first time in Baku he sees a King helicopter cutting the trees. You can see that the person inside is a dummy.

Revealing mistake: In the mountains, when the two parahawks collide, they go at a certain speed but the shot later, they are only stuck together.

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: Right at the beginning of the boat chase when Bond drives the boat through the waterway in MI6, before he jumps the boat into the river, there is a shot roughly from Q's POV, the boat clearly slows right down before it reaches the end. It couldn't fly as far through the air as shown.

Revealing mistake: Near the end of the movie where Renard and Bond are going at it, Bond is choking Renard and vice versa. You can clearly see Bond's thumbs aren't even touching Renard's neck.

Revealing mistake: During the chase in the mountains, the snow thrown up by bullet impacts is black rather than white, revealing their explosive origins.

Dr Wilson

Continuity mistake: Just after Bond and Christmas Jones climb out of the pipe, Bond is holding his shoulder and his blazer sleeves are up. In the next shot, his arms are by his side and his blazer is all neat. (01:20:05)

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Trivia: In the opening sequence with the speed boat jetting through the boat house and over the road was filmed in Wapping, East London. It took a week to film that one sequence as I saw them doing it. Also, for the matter of continuity, when the boat goes across the road, it goes into some sort of alley with an arch above it; in reality it's actually a Group 4 building on the other side of that road.


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Question: What are those blades (the ones used at the end on the caviar factory) used for in real life?

shortdanzr Premium member

Chosen answer: We see them in the movie when Bond first arrives to meet Electra - they're used for cutting trees in a straight line. Google "helicopter tree trimmer" to see dozens of examples.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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