Corrected entry: The cave of wonders originally states that "only ONE may enter here" emphasizing the number one. Yet Aladdin is able to enter with Abu. And it's not that it doesn't count because he's he's an animal as it is Abu that sets off the booby traps inside. And if animals didn't matter, then Jafar could have just sent Iago inside to grab the lamp.

Quantom X

Correction: It would seem the cave considers Abu a pet, so he doesn't count as a person. And as is usually the case, you are responsible for the actions of your pet, up to and including stealing magical jewels from a cave of wonders.

Correction: The emphasis on ONE does not mean just one singular person but rather a particular individual, as the Cave states "one who's rags hide a heart that is pure, a diamond in the rough", meaning Aladdin. Abu was able to enter the cave as well because he was accompanying Aladdin. Iago wouldn't be able to enter because he works for Jafar, who's heart is far from pure. It's the same reason why the cave collapsed on the thief who also worked for Jafar in the opening scene.

Corrected entry: When Jasmine is accused of stealing at the apple stand, she says she has no money. Coinage was a rarity at that time period and bartering was much more common, so why didn't the vendor or Jasmine consider those enormous gold or brass earrings and headband?

Mike Wotton

Correction: The movie is intended for children, who are unlikely to understand bartering concepts but would be familiar with money and paying for things. For trivial plot points like this it seems they tried to stick with terms and concepts that children could quickly comprehend.


Correction: Jasmine was unfamiliar with markets and, being a Princess, the concept of bartering as well. I have just watched the scene and her headband is never visible to the vendor and her earrings, while partially visible, are very close in color to her scarf; this could easily explain why the vendor failed to notice them, particularly combined with Aladdin's fast talking rescue of Jasmine distracting the vendor.


Corrected entry: The Magic Carpet Rids passes the Pyramids of Giza, which have already been stripped of the smooth limestone sheathing, as they appear today. This wasn't done until the 9th century by treasure seeking Arabs. The movie takes place sometime before 1 AD.

Mike Wotton

Correction: The film almost certainly is based after the 9th century AD. Islam is from the 7th century, and the Sultan is unambiguously Muslim (the term itself also implies Islam. Plenty of non Muslim Arabic rulers were just called Kings instead.) The term "Sultan" wasn't really even adopted in the Arabic world until the 10th century.

Correction: There's nothing saying this takes place before 1 AD. As many point out, the chinese building we see in the movie wasn't built until 15 AD. Therefore, the Pyramids would have been stripped down by now.

Corrected entry: The movie takes place before 1 AD, but the Chinese Imperial Palace that Aladdin and Jasmine rest on during the Magic Carpet Ride scene was not constructed until the 15th century.

Mike Wotton

Correction: There is no indication within the movie that it takes place prior to 1 AD. In fact, most indications of time within the movie point to the 15th century, so a 15th century structure is not out of place.

Corrected entry: This movie takes place sometime before the year one AD. When Abu rescues Aladdin from the shackles in the dungeon, he picks a padlock of type and style invented after the 15th century.

Mike Wotton

Correction: The movie cannot be before the year one AD because the Sultan says "Allah" and Allah is the Muslim name for God (the Muslim religion started only in the 7th Century), ergo the plot could have taken place in the 15th century.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jafar is trying to use hypnosis on the sultan, for a brief moment he becomes conscious, why hadn't he noticed what Jafar was doing? (00:48:20)

Correction: I'm sure if he hadn't immediately been forced back into an even more intense state of hypnosis, he would have.


Corrected entry: Genie and Magic Carpet are playing chess. Genie tells Magic Carpet, "okay, move". Carpet only has a king, a bishop and two pawns. Carpet picks up the king and moves it fully across the board to capture Genie's queen and put him into check, (possibly checkmate). A king may only move one space at a time in any direction, therefore, that move was illegal. Afterwards Genie says, "I'm being beaten by a rug", and does not question the legality of the move.

Mike Wotton

Correction: The very fact that Genie is being beaten by a rug should suggest to you that he's not very good at chess, and possibly doesn't know the rules very well, which is why he doesn't even notice when the carpet cheats.


Corrected entry: Middle Eastern religions to this day prohibit men from wearing jewelry made from gold. Sultan himself says "Praise Allah" and "Allah Forbid" any number of times. The Mystic Blue Diamond Ring he is wearing is in a yellow gold setting, obvious in the close-up in Jafar's quarters.

Mike Wotton

Correction: And yet many Muslims wear jewelry made of gold today. People have always broken religious rules, so why wouldn't the people in the film do it?

Correction: As the Sultan, he does have say over the laws and may even choose to bend them.

Corrected entry: Genie is in the palace garden trying to convince Aladdin to tell Jasmine the truth. At one point, Genie turns into a lighted lampshade on Aladdin's head. Aladdin pulls the chain to turn the light off. How did Aladdin know how to turn off a 20th century lighting device?

Mike Wotton

Correction: By seeing the chain it would be pretty obvious to Aladdin that that was what needed to be pulled to turn it off.

Correction: Aladdin has never seen a light or a lamp and has no clue how they work. Saying it would be pretty obvious that you pull the string to turn the lamp off would be a huge stretch. He would be just as likely to pull or turn the lamp shade to try and turn it off as to pull the string (which he does as if he knows exactly what it will do without hesitation). That said, this is a children's movie, and moments before that scene, genie is impersonating people who won't be born for hundreds of years. Suspension of disbelief has to be taken to extreme levels when watching cartoons or you can make an error out of just about anything.


Corrected entry: The melon that Aladdin and Abu swipe before they spot Jasmine is a watermelon. When they open the melon, the insides are light green honeydew melon with the seeds already scooped out. The melon should have a pink with black watermelon seeds interior. The skin type design and coloring shown is unique to watermelons. Some modern varieties have golden flesh. The watermelon may have not been ripe, but if that were the case, the interior would be white, and would not "make your taste buds dance and sing" as the vendor claims.

Mike Wotton

Correction: It was probably a Santa Claus Melon, which can look similar to a watermelon on the outside but has a green inside (though the seeds still should be shown). Not sure how they taste but they look similar to a Honeydew so if it had a similar taste, that could make your taste buds dance.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, the Arabic writing shown are not really Arabic. None of them even ressemble actual arabic letters.

Correction: The words in the movie aren't written in Arabic; it's Persian (Farsi), the language of Iran, which resembles Arabic but is not the same or even very similar. For example, in "You Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me", Genie pretends to take Aladdin's order on a notepad. In Arabic, it means nothing, but in Persian, it translates to "Turkey".

Correction: If you look closely, you can see that his mouth is covered by his bicep as he is lifting up the palace, it is well blended, but it is not that his mouth isn't moving, it's that his mouth is covered.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film, the vendor gets a match that he strikes out of nowhere.

Correction: It's intentional. It's meant as a magic trick. Modern magicians (and everyone else) call it Sleight of Hand (see wikipedia).

Corrected entry: After the Genie grants Jafar's wish to become Sultan, the design below the jewel in his turban is a tall gold triangle. Shortly afterwards, the design changes to a gold band around the base of the turban with a square extension leading up to the jewel.

Mike Wotton

Correction: This is a design that is added to the hat after Jafar has been transformed by the Genie, probably on purpose because, let's face it, he would have a more intricate design because he is now ruler, like the first Sultan has a big red jewel and a big blue feather as a design. (sorry if this isn't what you mean, but if it isn't could you explain what you mean a bit better?

Corrected entry: Why does the Apple Vendor exclaim "No one steals from my CART" when Jasmine gives the small street urchin boy the apple? It was a market stall like all the others, Without Wheels. Why did he call it a cart?

Mike Wotton

Correction: Because this is a children's movie and the writers will choose the words most recognizable and easy to understand. In the US (where the movie was made) the word stall (especially to kids) a place where horses are kept and the booths in market places are commonly called stands or carts, whether they have wheels or not.


Corrected entry: Jafar turns Jasmine's shackles into a crown and proposes marriage, but she throws the wine at him and the crown vanishes. Later, when she tries to seduce him, she holds the crown in her hands. It wasn't in her hand or on the floor.

Mike Wotton

Correction: If you watch the movie again, the camera leaves her for a minute, giving her plenty of time to pick the crown up off-screen.

Corrected entry: When Jasmine and her father are next to the fountain talking about the law forcing a Princess to marry a Prince, Jasmine opens the bird cage and takes out one bird, but leaves the door open as she and he father talk. The bird is replaced a few minutes later and the door is finally shut. After the conversation by the fountain, Jasmine returns to the bird cage, opens the doors, and the birds immediately fly away as a symbol of Jasmine's desire for freedom. Why didn't the caged birds fly away when the door was open for so long a few minutes earlier? They wasted no time to make a break for freedom when the cage was opened the second time.

Mike Wotton

Correction: When Jasmine first opened the bird cage she did it softly. The second time she did it forcefully and unexpectantly, which caused the birds to be surprised, hence why they flew away.

Correction: Not specific enough, he could have a few pairs of pants. Please state the scenes.

Corrected entry: During the 'Whole New World' number on the carpet, they swoop and Aladdin tells Jasmine not to close her eyes. When that's happening, you can hear Jasmine's voice, but her lips aren't moving.

rabid anarchist

Correction: This is a musical number, and there are many times in the movie (Whole New World especially) where the mouths don't move during a song. This is done because the song is not linear with the scene, they are on a montage and we are getting the content of their feelings through song, they are not necessarily singing to each other (this goes for most musicals).

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie Aladdin, the color of the feather in Sultan's turban changes from shot to shot. Sometimes it's grey, sometimes it's light blue. This is very evident in the scene showing the hypnotized Sultan telling Jasmine that she will marry Jafar.

Mike Wotton

Correction: It never changes color during any scenes, just from one scene to another, and there's nothing to say he doesn't have several turbans with different color feathers.

Aladdin mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Jafar is holding the Sultan and Jasmine captive, Jasmine is wearing a gold band round one arm. As Jafar pushes her to the floor, it has switched to the other.

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Genie: Oy! Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck.

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Trivia: Because Robin Williams ad-libbed or improvised so many of his lines, the film was ruled ineligible for the Adapted Screenplay category at the Academy Awards.

Cubs Fan

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Question: Two Questions about the Cave of Wonders: 1) The Cave states that only Aladdin can enter, but Abu enters the cave as well. That suggests that Aladdin is just the only human welcomed into the cave while the rule does not apply to animals. Why doesn't Jafar send Iago into the cave to retrieve the lamp for him? 2) The Cave also warns Aladdin not to touch any treasure besides the lamp, because if he does the cave will erupt and collapse on him. The cave is also where Aladdin and Abu meet the Magic Carpet. Clearly, they touch the carpet. Why doesn't the cave erupt and collapse when Aladdin and Abu touch the carpet?

John Ohman

Chosen answer: The cave has some level of sentience. It is aware of who is entering the cave, and decides whether to allow them to enter. It is able to tell that Abu is with Aladdin. It seems to keep a watchful eye on the person in the cave, and when it says "touch nothing" what it means is "don't try to take anything. It seems it was fine with them interacting with the carpet, and only had an issue when Abu was attempting to actually take something.

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