Corrected entry: In the dungeon scene, Jafar in disguise as an old man has just told Aladdin of the treasure. Iago, the parrot, pokes his head out from under the shawl to say, " Jafar, can you hurry up, I'm dying in here." The creators of the film must have intended for the audience to know Iago was concealed in that disguise for a reason besides to point out Jafar in disguise, but Iago was never heard from again throughout the "Cave of Wonders" scenes. Maybe Jafar dropped Iago somewhere when he picked up the horse he rode to the cave.

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Correction: It's only the submitter's opinion that the animators had some ulterior motive for showing Iago hidden in the costume. That doesn't make this a mistake.


Corrected entry: The Sultan is not wearing a the "sacred blue diamond" when Jafar cons him out of it. Suddenly, the diamond appears on the Sultan's hand.

Correction: As a rule in most cartoons, a character usually always appears the same; clothes, hair, etc. If there is something about them that is only relevant to the scene (Sultan's ring) it will only appear for the time it is needed.

Corrected entry: The biggest thing that stands in Aladdin's way with Jasmine is the law (a princess can only marry a prince). Instead of wishing to be a prince, why doesn't he wish that the law be different? Honesty is a key element to this movie, and something that the Genie stresses, still no one thinks of this alternative to lying?

Correction: Actually, towards the beginning of the movie when Aladdin finds out that Jasmine is the princess, he says something along the lines of "She'll never like me, I'm just a street rat." The wish wasn't just so she'd be allowed to marry him, but so she'd be impressed and WANT to marry him.

Corrected entry: When Jafar is taking the half bug piece from the peasant, it looks like the piece he needs, later though, it is the piece he already has.

Correction: The two pieces of the bug are cast from the same mold. If you watch, Jafar rotates the piece that he takes from the thief. It looks the same, but it is the piece he needs.

Corrected entry: When Aladdin and Jasmine have just jumped from one roof to another (going to Aladdin's home), Abu has 3 apples, but when Aladdin throws Abu the stick, all the apples are gone.

Correction: Abu has already shown his ability to hide largish objects on his person (ie: the lamp in the cave of wonders).

Corrected entry: At the end of 'A Whole New World' sequence in Bejin (Peking), when Jasmine confronts Aladdin with his (more or less) true identity, she forgets to ask him how he can be alive in the first place, since Jafar has reported to her that he had been executed.

Correction: Jasmine already knows that Jafar is no good. She's suspected Aladdin's true identity since the very beginning of the ride, and probably assumes that Jafar lied to her.


Corrected entry: In the movie all of the guards have swords. The blades design is basically small near the hilt (the handle of the sword), and gradually gets wider and rounder near the end of it. Well, the sheath (the carrying case) of the sword is the same shape as the sword. Because of this, it would be impossible for the swords to be slid back into the sheath, the reason being that the larger end of the blade would not fit through the top of the case, for it's too small.

Correction: The swords are not kept in scabbards at all. They are kept tucked into the belt and are drawn by simply pulling them out of their belt.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jasmine is in the red and is feeding Jafar the apple she clearly has chains on her hands. When he proposes to her and she reaches for the wine she doesn't have chains on anymore

Correction: Jafar used his sorcery to turn her chains into a crown which he offered her as he proposed.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Aladdin first wakes up the Genie, Carpet hides when Genie first comes out, but later, Genie gives Carpet a high five and makes a comment on how long its been since he'd seen him. Why would Carpet hide from an old friend?

Correction: The carpet hides as the genie first emerges because he's not sure if the time in that bottle has driven the genie insane.

Corrected entry: When Aladdin is on the princess's balcony for the first time in the middle of all the speaking a whispered voice is heard saying "take off your clothes".

Correction: The official position that Disney took was that the line is "Take off and go" and it is said by the Genie talking to Rajar the Tiger.

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Continuity mistake: The tiger bites the seat off the suitor's trousers, allowing the viewer to see his polka-heart boxers. When we see the tiger in the courtyard, he has a part of the same boxer shorts in his mouth. So if he bit off the seat of the trousers, shouldn't he have purple cloth in his mouth? (00:11:45)

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Genie: Oy! Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck.

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Trivia: Because Robin Williams ad-libbed or improvised so many of his lines, the film was ruled ineligible for the Adapted Screenplay category at the Academy Awards.

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