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Corrected entry: For some reason Jan (or the actor who played him) was not in the movie despite being Hans' brother. It's weird considering Hans' death and his own brother isn't even at the funeral.

Correction: Speculating on why he wasn't there is not a mistake.


Yes, the speculation isn't a mistake, but it's still a continuity mistake between the movies as he was introduced in the 2nd one and there's no mention of him in this one.

Correction: Yes, but Goldberg was also a MUCH better goalie. But since none of them practiced, he lost his skills in saving, just like Luis lost his very new skills in stopping.

Corrected entry: Between the 2nd and 3rd movies, the new Duck jerseys that characters wear get larger, despite them being the same jerseys. Most noticeable with the characters who got physically taller since D2, such as Ken, Averman, Banks, Luis, and Charlie. Not to mention Charlie's original Duck jersey should not fit him. Without pads it would be snug on him. With pads it shouldn't even fit.

Correction: They could easily have gotten replacement jerseys.

For the Mighty Duck jerseys I would agree they could have gotten replacement ones (considering the Anaheim Ducks were an actual team and they could easily get newer jerseys) but for Charlie's original Duck Jersey, it's highly unlikely that he got a new one made unless Hans could get him a good deal for it from a supplier.

Corrected entry: When Charlie and Fulton are pondering their hockey future, Charlie says they can continue playing locally, and when they turn 17 they can go to Canada and play juniors. Eligibility for Canadian Major-Juniors starts at 16.

Correction: The only Canadian league that is 16 is OHL. WHL and QMJHL are both 17. And when this movie was made all 3 were 17 at the time.

Corrected entry: Notice the main 'villain' in the movie, (the Warriors Captain) Tom Riley, has the same last name (but different spelling) as Gordon's old peewee coach Jack Reily, the main 'villain' in the first movie.

Correction: This is more coincidence than trivia considering. a)The names are spelt different. b) Riley in D3 is a captian, Riley in Champions/Mighty Ducks is a coach. and c) the surname is reasonably common.


Corrected entry: When Charlie and Goldberg are out of control towards the bridge, they jump it and rejoin the group, but there is no bridge in sight.


Correction: When they jump off the bridge they turn to the right and join the rest of the group. You see the bridge is to the right of them after they land on the road.


Corrected entry: Guy gets hurt during the JV/Varsity game. You see him later when the Ducks have to skate with two men down. He couldn't be playing since he had to be helped off the rink by medics.


Correction: The immediate pain of the injury make him incapable of leaving the rink on his own, but once that ebbed away, he felt well enough to play again.

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Corrected entry: When the Varsity's captain Riley says "We're gonna destroy you guys" you can see that his lips don't even move.

Correction: That's because it wasn't Riley who said it. It was Cole. If you pay attention to the voice, you can tell it's not Riley's.

Corrected entry: Even though no one knew Portman was coming back, they already have a jersey, with his name on it, waiting for him.

Correction: The school signed up the entire team at the beginning, then Portman decided not to come. It is likely they would have ordered the jersey ahead of time. They might have even ordered one after in case he changed his mind.

The jersey he was wearing was probably his original Duck jersey from D2. He just brought it with him from Chicago along with the rest of his hockey gear.

Corrected entry: When Portman was sent to the penalty box and he does his striptease, he should've been assesed with a 10 minute or a game misconduct for carrying on and showing up the referee.

Correction: Since his 2-minute penalty kept him out of the rest of the game anyway, the referee might have decided it was unnecessary and time-wasting to add a further penalty.


Correction: Maybe it was henna? It's never determined if it's real or fake.


Corrected entry: In the last game against the varsity team, Fulton Reed is the only Duck player with his first name on the back of his jersey.

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Correction: This mistake has already been corrected, since it is very possible, and does happen in places like the MLB, for someone to have their first name instead of their last.

Corrected entry: Hockey glass is made out of strong plastic not glass, so Cole couldn't break the "glass" in the last period of the big game.

Correction: This plastic can still be broken by shots and hits. Hockey glass breaks all the time and it is refered to as the glass even though it is plastic.

It's not plastic. It is plexiglass. The glass is designed for high velocity impact and is designed to break like a car windshield.

Continuity mistake: Coach Orion throws the puck at the bulletin board and makes a hole in it, but when he walks out of the locker room, the hole is gone.

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Mrs. Madigan: Every Monday, you will have a practice quiz. Every Wednesday, you will have a real quiz. Every Friday, you will have an exam. And any time I feel like it, you will have a surprise quiz or exam.

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Trivia: The actor who plays Coach Wilson (the Varsity coach) in D3 also played a Goodwill Games referee in D2. I am not sure if he is meant to be the same character or not, but it is definitely the same actor: a man named Jack Whyte.

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Question: Where is Eden Hall filmed in Minnesota, as in what school did they use?

Answer: Shattuck-St. Mary's School in Faribault, Minnesota was used for the fictional Eden Hall Academy. The Columbia Arena in Fridley, Minnesota stood in for Eden Hall Academy's ice rink.

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