Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Revealing mistake: In the closeup of Tina dead, her chest rises. (00:44:00)

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Revealing mistake: When Ethel gets a cleaver in her face, blood spatters everywhere. Yet the cleaver blade is still clean. (00:56:35)

Revealing mistake: When Jason is raising the machete above Tommy in the woods, it's obvious that his eyeholes are covered with black cloth. This also happens at the end of the movie, where Tommy hallucinates about Jason in the hospital. (00:04:45)

Revealing mistake: When Anita lies dead on the ground with her throat slit you can see her pulse in her neck. (00:53:05)

Revealing mistake: As Junior is riding around on the bike, right before he is murdered, you see the same clip of him turning and riding onto the deck twice. (00:55:30)

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Revealing mistake: When Sheriff Tucker shows Pam the newspaper clippings taken from Roy's wallet, plainly two of the columns in the article are identical and have nothing to do with Jason. (01:21:35)

Revealing mistake: When Tommy begins to beat up Junior, at the trailer park, you can clearly see that it is a stunt double replacing Tommy. (00:49:50)

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Revealing mistake: When Demon is using the outhouse, his pants are unzipped but not pulled down. (00:53:00)

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Revealing mistake: When Pete gets his throat slashed, you can plainly see that there's no actual cut, it's just a line of stage blood. (00:26:30)


Revealing mistake: Right after he gets off the tractor, Reggie's clothes appear to be dry, but he was out in the rain.


Revealing mistake: Violet has blood on her shirt before she gets stabbed. (01:05:10)

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Revealing mistake: When Vinnie has a road flare shoved into his mouth, it is obviously a dummy as the road flare is inserted (his skin is much paler than in previous shots). (00:24:30)

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Revealing mistake: After the "Friday the 13th" logo explodes, the supports that were holding up the model are briefly visible through the smoke. (00:05:40)

Revealing mistake: When Tommy goes to slice Roy's arm, you can see he is not really holding the machete in his hand. (01:19:20)

Revealing mistake: When Pam is out looking for everybody, when they show her inside the truck, her hands don't appear to be on the wheel.


Plot hole: When the cop shows Pam the newspaper clippings they include what look to be fresh photos of the real Jason from the events of Part IV, yet no photographer is ever seen taking pictures of Jason alive in the previous films and most likely wouldn't live long enough to publish the photo. (01:25:00)

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Ethel: That is one fucking ugly man that goes there.
Junior: That's one fucking ugly man, Mama.
Ethel: Would you shut your trap? You ain't so pretty yourself, you know.
Junior: I ain't so pretty myself, I know.

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Trivia: At the end of the movie in the hospital, Pam is sitting under Fire Alarm 13. (01:21:45)

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