Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Tommy Jarvis, the boy who killed Jason Voorhees, the hockey-masked maniac who terrorized Camp Crystal Lake, is now a teenager. He has just been transferred to Pinehurst, a facility for young troubled people that readies them to re-enter society to lead normal lives. However, things get abnormal as soon as Tommy arrives. Victor, a disgruntled patient, axes another patient, Joey, while two female patients, Robin and Violet, watch in horror. Victor is arrested and taken away, but things are hardly going back to normal, as Tommy is having visions of Jason around every corner. Then, people in the surrounding town are found sliced and axed. Sheriff Tucker doesn't know what to think; he assumes it's a Jason copycat killer. But Tommy is slowly losing his grip on reality and believes Jason is back to kill again. On a stormy night, the Pinehurst youths are macheted, spiked, stabbed, and cleavered. Soon only Pam, one of Pinehurst's staff members, and Reggie, the cook's grandson, are the only people left alive. They find themselves face-to-face with a hockey-masked psychopath and must fight to stay alive. Is it the real Jason back to start where he left off, or could Tommy have taken his place?

Visible crew/equipment: As Joey walks over to Robin and Violet, who are hanging up washing, a large set of lights is reflected in the window as he walks over. (00:17:45)

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Anita: What's wrong? Hey, you okay?
Demon: It's them damn enchiladas.

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Trivia: The actress' surname that plays Tina in this movie is Voorhees, just like Jason.


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Answer: He simply just snapped. He definitely looked angry before Joey even started talking to him, and said how he hated being there...and he already had an axe in his hands...he just lost it, and took out his anger and frustration on Joey.

Answer: My theory is Vic was a diabetic and was acting in self-defense, since Joey just tried to kill him with a candy bar.

Your theory is obviously a joke.

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