Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Trivia: At the end of the movie in the hospital, Pam is sitting under Fire Alarm 13. (01:21:45)

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Trivia: Ted White was asked to reprise his role as Jason,(he played Jason in "The final chapter"). He turned it down and said, "I played Jason once, and once was enough."


Trivia: The actor's surname that plays Tina in this movie is Voorhees, just like Jason.

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Trivia: Initially, Corey Feldman was asked to reprise his role as Tommy Jarvis, but since he was busy shooting "The Goonies," the character was re-written to be a few years older, and John Shepherd was cast. Feldman did appear in a brief cameo during the opening dream sequence.

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Trivia: There are three different hockey masks used either in this film or its advertisements. The first is the one that the Jason impostor (Roy) wears. It has two blue triangles below the eyes. The second is the one the real Jason wears when Tommy sees him in the hospital room at the end, with the red triangles. The third is featured on the poster. It has an un-holy amount of breathing holes on it. (01:23:00 - 01:27:10)


Trivia: Originally, the film was supposed to pick up where the ending of the previous film left off. Tommy Jarvis is taken to the same hospital as Jason's body. While trying to get to the morgue, he murders seven people on the staff. When he arrives, he finds Jason's body rising from the table. The adult Tommy then wakes up in the van, on his was to Pinehurst.


Plot hole: When the cop shows Pam the newspaper clippings they include what look to be fresh photos of the real Jason from the events of Part IV, yet no photographer is ever seen taking pictures of Jason alive in the previous films and most likely wouldn't live long enough to publish the photo. (01:25:00)

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