Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Corrected entry: Roy's motive behind his killing spree is that he's upset his son, Joey, was murdered by Vic. So why kill everyone else, except the person that was solely responsible?


Correction: Roy also loses his mind and snaps. He simply blames everyone for his son's death, not just Victor. He's crazy and goes on a killing spree (just like Pamela Voorhees did). There's no plot hole when a crazy person doesn't act rationally. Plus, Victor was locked up and Roy might not have been able to get to him.


Correction: He could also blame everyone else for not stopping it and letting his son die.


Corrected entry: At the end when Tommy is in the hospital, he gets out of bed and goes over to the drawer where his belongings are. He opens the drawer and there's the mask the killer was wearing. How did it get there? The police should have taken that as evidence. There is no way that police would let Tommy keep this mask for a souvenir.

Correction: We don't see them until they reach the hospital - Tommy would have had plenty of time to hide the mask. Either that or like the beginning it was a dream.

Corrected entry: During the film, we hear that Joey was the son of a mother who died during birth and a father who abandoned him, yet in the final scene of the movie, the sheriff shows Pam a wallet found on the dead body of Roy. It contains a picture of Joey, the same age as he was in the movie. How did he get that if he bailed on Joey before his birth? (01:25:00)

Correction: Even though he bailed on him he still knew who Joey was and where he was. So getting his hands on a picture of him wouldn't be that hard.


Corrected entry: Everyone knows that Jason has a hockey mask with red underneath the eyes. So if Roy really wanted everyone to think that he was Jason, why did he make sure every aspect of his outfit was correct, even the fake skin underneath the mask and his machete, but wore a mask with blue underneath the eyes?

Correction: Roy went insane after losing his son. He wasn't thinking. Many people also would think that Jason changed his mask after his first mask was damaged by Chris in Part III.

Correction: It may also be that he simply had not been aware of that detail. Another possibility is he couldn't find a mask that looked like Jason's so he used whatever he was able to get his hands on.


Corrected entry: When Pam, Tommy, and Reggie are going to see Demon, they pass the same rocks several times. (00:46:20)

Correction: These same group of rocks can be seen running all the way down the roads, so it's no mistake that it seems as though they pass the same ones more than once, but they don't - they just pass similar looking ones repeatedly.

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Corrected entry: When Roy goes into the barn he opens a door up and Pam comes out with a chainsaw. Roy tries to get away but Pam cuts him in the shoulder and he falls down. Then the chainsaw runs out of gasoline and Pam throws the chainsaw at Roy. When Pam throws the chainsaw it goes in an entirely different direction than Roy, thus missing him. But Roy stills flies back into the pile of hay as if the chainsaw had hit him. (01:14:40)

Correction: The chainsaw is quite close to hitting Roy, and the reason he falls back is because he is dodging the flying chainsaw, so that it doesn't hit him. He falls back, into some hay, and then gets straight back up, without acting as if anything hurt. So it is clear he was just dodging the chainsaw - he didn't get hit.

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Corrected entry: In the scene when Billy picks up Lana from the gas station Lana thinks she is waiting for Billy and she runs out of the car after seeing Jason's feet, Jason swings the axe at her horizontly in her stomach but as the camera zooms in on her when she is dead on the floor the axe is now seen vertically in her stomach. (00:37:10)

Correction: On my DVD, when the camera zooms out from Lana, when she is dead on the floor, the axe is stuck horizontally in her chest.

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Visible crew/equipment: As Joey walks over to Robin and Violet, who are hanging up washing, a large set of lights is reflected in the window as he walks over. (00:17:45)

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George: Go and let everyone else know breakfast is ready.
Reggie: Yo! Breakfast! Come and get it.
George: I could've done that.

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Trivia: The actress' surname that plays Tina in this movie is Voorhees, just like Jason.


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Question: Is Tommy supposed to be the "next" Jason? I'm really confused by the ending.

Answer: Yes, originally Tommy was going to be the new Jason. But the makers decided to go in a different direction for part 6.

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