Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

After killing Roy, the ambulance attendant, by dropping him onto a spike "bed",Tommy,Reckless,and Pam are all in the hospital.Roy turned out to be the killer after all. When Joey was killed,Roy had to clean up his own sons body,the son he'd abandoned as an infant,so,of course,this pissed him off and he wanted revenge on the people who'd tormented his son..While resting in the hospital bed,Tommy wakes up to see the real Jason,hockey mask and machete,staring at him from the foot of the bed.Tommy screams and Jason disappears.He gets up and looks in a bedside drawer to find a hockey mask and knife.Pam hears Tommy scream and a window break and runs into his room.Tommy is gone.She walks into his room a little bit more and as the door closes behind her,we see Tommy wearing the mask and holding the knife about to stab her,and fade to black.


Plot hole: When the cop shows Pam the newspaper clippings they include what look to be fresh photos of the real Jason from the events of Part IV, yet no photographer is ever seen taking pictures of Jason alive in the previous films and most likely wouldn't live long enough to publish the photo. (01:25:00)

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Ethel: You dumb dildo.

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Trivia: Ted White was asked to reprise his role as Jason,(he played Jason in "The final chapter"). He turned it down and said, "I played Jason once, and once was enough."

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