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The Final (2010)

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Continuity mistake: After Dave stabs Ravi, the shot cuts to Kurtis running through the woods trying to escape. Ravi (in the clown costume) is seen among the ones pursuing him, but he's either dead or dying at this point, and, obviously, cannot chase someone while riding an ATV. It's a recycled shot from when Tommy was attempting to escape.


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Suggested correction: It isn't Ravi on the ATV. Towards the beginning you see Dane on the stairs talking to 3 students, a little later on in the cafeteria you see the same 3 students sitting at a table and the shots keep switching between them and Dane and his friends, and Dane says something like "and they will be in the woods dressed in the same outfits/costumes as us." It's meant to confuse the cops when they show up.


Dane: Ask yourself one question... what did I do to get here?

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