Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Continuity mistake: During the final chase scene where Melanie Kinnamin is running through the woods the pink sweater which is over her shoulders disappears and reappears at random, until she finally loses it by the tree where her co-worker is found murdered.


Visible crew/equipment: As Joey walks over to Robin and Violet, who are hanging up washing, a large set of lights is reflected in the window as he walks over.



Continuity mistake: The leaves around the blanket Tina and Eddie lay on vary during shots, the position of the blanket changes from wrinkled to smooth and the shade in the scene keeps changing.



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Trivia: At the end of the movie in the hospital, Pam is sitting under Fire Alarm 13.



Trivia: The actor's surname that plays Tina in this movie is Voorhees, just like Jason.

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Trivia: Initially, Corey Feldman was asked to reprise his role as Tommy Jarvis, but since he was busy shooting "The Goonies," the character was re-written to be a few years older, and John Shepherd was cast. Feldman did appear in a brief cameo during the opening dream sequence.

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Question: What is the song that Violet is dancing to in her room called?


Chosen answer: According to IMDB, it is called "His Eyes" and is performed by Pseudo Echo.


Question: Besides giving an excuse for the copycat killer to show up, was there any real point for the death of Joey, who was an innocent (and slow) young man? This part of the movie always struck me as being simply pointless and exploitative, with no reason.

Chosen answer: His death is what motivated the guy to do the killings, so it wasn't pointless, it was very necessary to move the plot forward.


Question: What is the song that Violet is always listening to on her Walkman? (We hear the beat 3 or 4 times throughout the movie).

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Answer: This is taken from IMDb: His Eyes by Pseudo Echo.

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