Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Other mistake: When Sheriff Tucker shows Pam the newspaper clippings taken from Roy's wallet, plainly two of three columns in the article are identical and have nothing to do with Jason. (01:21:35)

Other mistake: When Jason slices Pete's throat from the back seat with the machete, it goes deep, and blood should be gushing from Pete's jugular. But in the following shot, the edge of the knife has barely grazed the rest of Pete's throat, leaving only a fake trail of dried blood.


Other mistake: After noticing that Tina is dead, Eddie fearfully backs away and leans against the tree. You can see Roy put the leather up and over the tree. This is impossible. He would have to whip it around the tree, not over it.

Other mistake: It seems unlikely that the police would have let Tommy keep Roy's hockey mask, as it's evidence.


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Suggested correction: Already listed and corrected. It is possible that it was actually Tommy's dream.

Visible crew/equipment: As Joey walks over to Robin and Violet, who are hanging up washing, a large set of lights is reflected in the window as he walks over. (00:17:45)


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Anita: What's wrong? Hey, you okay?
Demon: It's them damn enchiladas.

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Trivia: A fan theory on Reddit suggest that Roy Burns was possessed by the spirit of Jason Voorhees. There is some credence to this theory considering that the murders Roy committed would require inhuman strength, he broke down a solid wooden door by just walking through it and when he got hit by a tractor, he got back up very quickly. How he got possessed by Jason however has never been explained.

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Question: Is Tommy supposed to be the "next" Jason? I'm really confused by the ending.

Answer: Yes, originally Tommy was going to be the new Jason. But the makers decided to go in a different direction for part 6.

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