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Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie picture

Lumpy: I want to go home.
Roo: What if we leave now.
Roo: You will miss out how great Halloween is.

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Reeker picture

Jack: At least you can see.
Trip: Yeah, well at least you can jack off.

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The Great Raid picture

Lt. Colonel Mucci: General, this is the man who led the raid... Captain Prince.
General Kreuger: Congratulations, soldier. I'm very sorry for your losses, but I want to let you know you men have done a great service to your country.
Captain Prince: Thank you, sir.

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Last Days picture

Blake: You know, it's kinda like... Success is subjective, you know. It could be an opinion.

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March of the Penguins picture

Penguin: Wwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

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Man of the House picture

Jimmy: Howdy neighbor. Just wanted to say, you know... welcome to the building. And uh, if you ever need any weed or anything, just come knock on my door.
Ranger Holt: Yeah. Thanks Jimmy, you'll definitely be hearing from us.
Jimmy: Cool.

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The Pacifier picture

First Junior Grizzly: Hey Skeever, what do you put in a jar and shake till they're dead?
Second Junior Grizzly: Fireflies.

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The White Countess picture

Sofia: If you have any objections, kindly go to hell.
Todd Jackson: You tell 'em.

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In Her Shoes picture

Rose Feller: What are you doing here?
Maggie Feller: I live here. What are you doing here?
Rose Feller: You live here? In an old folks home?
Maggie Feller: It's a Retirement Community for Active Seniors.

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The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse picture

Sir Nicholas: What queer finery he wears.
Geoff Tipps: I'm not queer, don't bum me.

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Hellraiser: Deader picture

Pinhead: When you attempted to live beyond death, you entered into my domain.
Winter: Oh my God.
Pinhead: You should be very careful what you wish for. It just might come true.

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Land of the Dead picture

Cholo: Still workin' for the man. Kaufman send you to kill me, huh?
Riley: Yes.
Cholo: Takes a true friend to stab you right in the front, doesn't it.

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Happy Endings picture

Narrator: When you're a gay man, you have to feel good about yourself when a urologist says, 'Yeah. I pick you.'.

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White Noise picture

Susie Tomlinson: It's almost like she didn't die. Two days ago I get a call from my father, and then you show up?
Jonathan Rivers: I don't understand. I've been getting messages from your grandmother for a week now.
Susie Tomlinson: No, that's not possible, she just passed away two days ago.

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The Notorious Bettie Page picture

Bettie Page: I'm not ashamed. Adam and Eve were naked in the Garden of Eden, weren't they? When they sinned, they put on clothes.

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