Madison (2005)

3 mistakes

Factual error: In the scene at the Miami hydroplane race, Mike McCormick spies a long haired boat pilot and naively asks one of the locals, "Is that Grizzly Adams?", to which he is answered facetiously, "Yeah, that's Dan Haggerty." The story takes place circa 1971, but actor Dan Haggerty didn't play Grizzly Adams 'til 1974.

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Factual error: In the scene at the Chicago Yacht Club both the Sears Tower & the Standard Oil Building are plainly visible in the distant skyline. These two towers weren't both done 'til 1974., but the story takes place in the year 1971.

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Revealing mistake: On the morning of the hydroplane race at Madison, Indiana, there's a shot of the Sun rising from behind the horizon. But- the Sun is seen moving toward the upper left. Madison is in the northern hemisphere, so the rising Sun ought to move just the opposite, to the upper right. Undoubtedly it was easier to photograph a sunset and run the film backwards.

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