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Black Dawn picture

Jonathan Cold: You see, in this business... the keys to the kingdom is weapons-grade plutonium. If you ain't got that, you ain't got shit.

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The Naked Brothers Band picture

Alex: We need to get the band together this instant.
Nat: Are you up for it, man?
Alex: Yes. I'm fortified by milk.

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Secuestro express picture

Radio Locust: It's 6am in the Bolivarian Republic of Marijuana. Let's listen some music while we call one of our herbal therapists.

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White Noise picture

Susie Tomlinson: It's almost like she didn't die. Two days ago I get a call from my father, and then you show up?
Jonathan Rivers: I don't understand. I've been getting messages from your grandmother for a week now.
Susie Tomlinson: No, that's not possible, she just passed away two days ago.

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The Fog picture

Stevie Wayne: Now, what kind of fog moves against the wind?

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Kim Possible: So the Drama picture

Dr. Possible: Kimmie needs our help.
Dr. Ann Possible: Okay, we're talking about giant robots, here.
Dr. Possible: Giant cybertronic robots.
Jim Possible: Giant cybertronic robots armed with state-of-the-art weapons.
Tim Possible: Aww, Kim doesn't stand a chance.
Dr. Possible: Boys, how many times have I told you? Anything's possible, for a Possible.

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Urban Legends: Bloody Mary picture

David Owens: Just because I have a dead, Mexican hooker in my room doesn't mean I went to Mexico.

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Underclassman picture

Tracy Stokes: I think I just swallowed Nemo.

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The Gingerdead Man picture

Amos Cadbury: Now wait a minute, you mean to tell me that that.
Sarah Leigh: I know it sounds crazy. Amos, I don't know how it happen. It's only thing that makes sense even if it is Twilight Zone kind of sense.
Amos Cadbury: The guy that... killed Jeremy and your daddy? That you helped send to the electric chair? Millard Findlemeyer? Has come back from the dead... to get revenge on you... inside a cookie?

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The Protector picture

Kham: Where the hell is my elephant?

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Hellraiser: Hellworld picture

Pinhead: You still don't understand, do you? There is no way out for you, Chelsea. Oh, what wonders we have to show you.

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Dark Water picture

Veeck: Doll.

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The Muppets' Wizard of Oz picture

Pepe the Prawn: Those of you who have Dark Side of the Moon, press play now.

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The Magic Roundabout picture

Dylan: Chill out guys, I've got something stashed that just might help.
Brian: Dylan, we don't have time to indulge in recreational activities.

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The Amateurs picture

Otis: For half a dozen guys unloading on you so you look like a melted candle today we will gladly pay you on Tuesday. I don't know who's gonna go for that one.

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The Proposition picture

Captain Stanley: Australia. What fresh hell is this?

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The Great Raid picture

Lt. Colonel Mucci: General, this is the man who led the raid... Captain Prince.
General Kreuger: Congratulations, soldier. I'm very sorry for your losses, but I want to let you know you men have done a great service to your country.
Captain Prince: Thank you, sir.

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