Best movie character mistakes of 2002

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Cadet Kelly picture

Character mistake: When Sir informs Kelly that she made the drill team, he says Captain Rigby instead of Major Rigby.

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Stuart Little 2 picture

Character mistake: When Stuart calls home from the pay phone he's talking into the wrong end of the phone.

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Die Another Day picture

Character mistake: Near the beginning when James Bond enters the North Korean complex, Zao is sent information to his mobile phone about James Bond being from the "MI6 Security Service". This is inaccurate information because MI6 is the Secret Intelligence Service and not the Security Service. It is MI5 which is the Security Service. (00:06:29)

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The Transporter picture

Character mistake: At the end of film when the Chinese refugees are being unloaded from the lorry a policeman helps an injured man off, then goes back to help others. The injured man sits and then lies down. As he does, the policeman that helped him throws a bag without looking, which hits the injured man.

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Red Dragon picture

Character mistake: At the very beginning of the film, when Hannibal Lecter is serving dinner to his guests, one diner asks "what is this divine looking amuse-bouche" when she and the other guests have a full plate of food. An amuse-bouche is a single bite of food meant to be served at the beginning of a meal, not a plate full of food. Lecter's guests would be better educated.

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Clockstoppers picture

Character mistake: Early in the story Dr. Gibbs rationalises the story to come by using two cars traveling the road at greatly different speeds to illustrate "Einstein's theory of relativity". He basically says that the slower moving car seems to stand still as seen from the much faster car's point of view. But in real Einsteinian relativity, just the opposite happens. When two reference frames are traveling with respect to each other, each sees the other's time advancing more quickly.

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Swimfan picture

Character mistake: Right before Madison shoots the 2 police officers they show a close-up of the gun in its holster. The holster is unbuttoned. No police officer would leave his gun holster unbuttoned, especially while sitting next to a felon.

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XXX picture

Character mistake: When Asia Argento reveals that she is a Russian agent, she says that she works for the FSB, the Russian CIA. This is wrong, however, the Russian equivalent to the CIA is the SVR, the FSB is more like the FBI.

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Reign of Fire picture

Character mistake: When newspapers are flashed on screen to demonstrate how the dragons have destroyed the countries, one of the headlines reads "Europes' capital cities in ruins." It should read "Europe's capital cities in ruins."

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Minority Report picture

Character mistake: Near the end of the movie, John's wife calls one of his colleagues and says, "Jad, it's Laura, John needs a favour." Her character's name is Lara. (02:08:30)

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Equilibrium picture

Character mistake: When Mary is in the execution chamber, about to be incinerated, there is a voice over of the countdown till her death. They count back from 9 seconds and say 8 seconds, 7 seconds, 6 seconds, etc. The count is too slow. Every time they say a second, it's actually two seconds having passed. (01:22:10)

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Cabin Fever picture

Character mistake: Paul tells Marcy he's leaving her to go look for Jeff. But soon afterwards, when Paul hears Marcy's dying screams, he runs back to the cabin from exact opposite direction to the one Jeff went when he ran off into the woods. Paul watched Jeff leave, so he would've known what direction he should've been searching in. (01:05:50 - 01:11:10)

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Halloween: Resurrection picture

Character mistake: When Harold is recalling Michael's 'credentials', he refers to Hilcrest academy, claiming that Michael killed four students. However, Michael only killed two; Sarah and Charlie.

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The Queen of the Damned picture

Character mistake: In the scene in David's office, David tells Jessie that Marius is as "close as we have come to the original vampire" then gives her Lestat's diary which states that the original vampires are Akasha and Enkil.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding pictureMy Big Fat Greek Wedding mistake picture

Character mistake: In the opening scene where Toula describes her house, she says it is complete with "Corinthian columns." The columns on the house are of the "Ionic" style, not Corinthian.

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The Bourne Identity picture

Character mistake: The man in the morgue says in Yoruba "'I told you so, your head is not correct," not what they interpreted.

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Men in Black II picture Video

Character mistake: When Jeebs is showing them his deneuralizer and it shorts out a moment, he states he's still running off the 6.0. However the computer display shows he's using the beta 0.93.

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Maid in Manhattan picture

Character mistake: When Marisa boards the bus in the beginning of the movie to take Ty to school, she is on a Bx1 bus on the Grand Concourse and 173rd St going southbound. However, it is obvious Ty attends PS 33 on Fordham Rd and Jerome Ave in the next scene which is north of their location. It doesn't make sense at all for her to get on a southbound bus when she should be on a northbound bus. The 4 train is shown in the distance going uptown while she is walking up the stairs to the Grand Concourse. Why didn't she just take the train uptown since it stops at Fordham Rd in front of the school but instead she chose to get on a downtown bus? She is basically going in the opposite direction in real life.

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The Count of Monte Cristo picture

Character mistake: After Edmond changes his identity to become the Count of Monte Cristo, he is addressed several times as "Your Grace." "Your Grace" is a term of address used when addressing dukes and duchesses. He should have been addressed as "Your Excellency", which is the address given to counts and countesses.

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Auto Focus picture

Character mistake: Although great care was taken to duplicate Bob Crane's distinctive hairstyle for Greg Kinnear, Bob Crane's hair was actually parted on the left. The makeup department for this film parted Greg Kinnear's hair on the right, producing a mirror-image of Bob Crane's hairstyle.

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