City of God
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Continuity mistake: During "The Li'l Zé story" before Li'l Dice (Dadinho) kills Goose (Marreco), a woman's white purse changes position, from the right side of Li'l Dice to his upper left side, between the shots. (00:40:05)

Revealing mistake: At the end when Li'l Zé (Zé Pequeno) and his crew want Rocket (Buscapé) to take a picture of them in the street, a long-haired boy with a blue shirt is the first to be killed in the final shooting. A couple of seconds before he is shot in the chest, the shape of the blood pack is visible under his shirt.

Visible crew/equipment: The narrator explains that the traffic of drugs is a business just like any other. As we hear the words 'the police receive their part', a boom mike is visible at the top of the screen. (00:48:40)

City of God mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film (and at the end, when they show the same scene) the moment before Rocket is about to pick up the chicken, he is only a few inches away from it. The next shot that shows Rocket from behind, the chicken is much further away from him. (00:03:40)

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Other mistake: After Knockout Ned's brother is killed, he attacks Lil Ze and his men with a six shot revolver. Yet somehow he fires in excess of 9 shots without reloading.

Continuity mistake: When Shaggy (Cabeleira) strikes the first room in the motel, the clothes hanging next to the door change positions in one shot.

Deliberate mistake: In many scenes bullets are shown striking things and sparking (this is especially visible on the attack on Knockout Ned's house when a bullet strikes a chair and gives off a huge spark of light). In real life, only special bullets with incendiary materials (meant for starting fires) cause sparks, and this is only when they're fired against metallic objects. It is impossible that a bullet striking a chair would give off a spark.

Character mistake: After crashing their car into the bar the Tender Trio attempt to flee on foot but Clipper twists his ankle. Goose says "Goose f***ed up his ankle" accidentally referring to himself but obviously it's Clipper that twisted his ankle. (00:14:59)

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Other mistake: At one point in the film young L'il Dice massacres a hotel, killing numerous people. However, when he was given the revolver outside the hotel he was not given extra ammunition, meaning he only had the six bullets already in gun (assuming it was fully loaded). Given that he fired at least one shot into the glass window (to warn the gang) and some of the victims were shot a number of times, it seems clear he would not have had enough bullets to do this.

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Revealing mistake: The slow motion shot of Zê Pequeno and Bene walking, ready to kill the trafficants, is flipped, look at the reversed words on the wall.

Visible crew/equipment: During Berenice and Shaggy's escape from the ghetto, Berenice runs out in front of a car to force the driver to stop, Shaggy then comes from behind the vehicle holding a gun. As Shaggy approaches the car from behind a boom microphone is reflected in the back window of the car. (00:30:41)

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Continuity mistake: When the Tender Trio are fleeing from the gas truck robbery you can see a woman wearing a sleeveless yellow dress carrying a gas tank away, then a couple of shots later the same woman is fleeing empty-handed and then we see her suddenly ahead of the trio carrying a gas tank again. (00:07:08)

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Zé Pequeno: Can you read?
Gang Member: I can read only the pictures.

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