Reign of Fire

Character mistake: When newspapers are flashed on screen to demonstrate how the dragons have destroyed the countries, one of the headlines reads "Europes' capital cities in ruins." It should read "Europe's capital cities in ruins."

Character mistake: After the male dragon has swooped by and destroyed Van Zan's convoy, there is a scene of Alex running through the fire up to him sitting there. After she asks "Where are the soldiers?", the subtitles for the DVD show the lines being spoken "One Pass. He flew over just once." while Van Zan is opening his hand up in a close up to let go of some ash. However nobody is actually saying these words. Turn the volume all the way up, and there is still nobody actually saying this. It's as if these lines were removed without the person in charge of the subtitles being told. Or were removed after he finished the subtitles. (01:11:27)

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Factual error: When the archangels jump from the helicopter, the "bait" is looking behind him saying he can see the dragon. For a parajumper to look between his legs to view behind himself, he would de-arch and thus de-stabilise himself while travelling at that speed. It would send the jumper into a barrel-roll spin.

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Construction Worker #1: Quinn! What are you doing down in the arsehole of the world?
Young Quinn: Well you're passing through it. What does that make you?

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Trivia: In the fight scene between Christian and Matthew, Christian really was head-butted and apparently had a lump the size of an egg on his forehead for some time afterwards - notice how his hair is more down over his forehead in some scenes than others to hide the lump.

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