Reign of Fire
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Denton Van Zan: There's nothing magical about it. They're made of flesh and blood. You take out their heart you bring down the beast.

Ajay: Hey, Barlow, I've got voices.
Barlow: Ajay, what are you smokin'?

Creedy: Only one thing worse than a dragon... Americans.

Van Zan: It was your idea to come to London.
Alex: Yeah, well that was at thirty five thousand feet.
Van Zan: Yeah. Well life has a way of turnin' that different though don't it?

Creedy: Marauders. Years since we've seen them. Well, look at the bright side - at least we're not alone.

Denton Van Zan: What are you doing here, Quinn?
Quinn Abercromby: You're standing on ground where I've buried hundreds. This my land. I'll ask the questions. What are you doing here?

Quinn Abercromby: What do we do when we are awake?
The Children: Keep both eyes on the sky.
Quinn Abercromby: What do we do when we sleep?
The Children: Keep one eye on the sky.
Quinn Abercromby: What do we do when we see them?
The Children: Dig hard, dig deep, go for shelter, and never look back.

Denton Van Zan: Envy the country that has heroes, huh? I say pity the country that needs them.

Construction Worker #1: Quinn! What are you doing down in the arsehole of the world?
Young Quinn: Well you're passing through it. What does that make you?

Denton Van Zan: Coffeyville. It's etched in American history because the outlaw Dalton boys were killed there. Ordinary townsfolk rose up and took 'em down.
Quinn Abercromby: Maybe you're the Dalton boys.
Denton Van Zan: No, no... We're the townsfolk.

Plot hole: Given that the dragons overwhelmed the worlds' militaries, the presented ways to bring them down are very gentle, so to speak. The force of impact on the ground would easily be achieved by an air to air or surface to air missile, or an RPG. The crossbow with some explosives has far less strength than a tank shell (weak points or no, the difference is just too great). The dragons are quite tough individually, but would have to succumb to strikes from modern weapons, or even to improvised ancient weapons of modern make. Humans that are able to keep helicopters and M1A2 tanks in running condition would be able to field several weapons that would bring down dragons quickly, effectively and nearly without their own casualties.

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Suggested correction: There is nothing in the film to suggest that VanZan's men had access to any better weaponry that what they have currently. They have a tank but could be completely out of shells. They have vehicles and are maintaining them well, but that has nothing to do with whether or not they currently have access to any superior firepower. It is perfectly reasonable that any RPGs or rocket launchers would have been long depleted by the group before they began using crossbows and axes.


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Trivia: In the fight scene between Christian and Matthew, Christian really was head-butted and apparently had a lump the size of an egg on his forehead for some time afterwards - notice how his hair is more down over his forehead in some scenes than others to hide the lump.

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