Reign of Fire

Plot hole: The Americans allegedly landed at Manchester on their way to kill the male Dragon in London. London is due south of Manchester. Why then did they head in the complete opposite direction to Northumberland?

Factual error: When the archangels jump from the helicopter, the "bait" is looking behind him saying he can see the dragon. For a parajumper to look between his legs to view behind himself, he would de-arch and thus de-stabilise himself while travelling at that speed. It would send the jumper into a barrel-roll spin.

Continuity mistake: When Van Zan is showing the dragon tooth to Quinn, the chain that's holding the tooth keeps moving around the entire scene from on his hand to around his hand, etc.

Factual error: At the end of the film, in the battle with the male dragon, what are American traffic lights doing in London?

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Van Zan shows the dragon tooth to Quinn, Van has a cigar in his hand. But as he lowers his hand, the shot changes and the cigar vanishes.

Plot hole: They make a big deal about attacking the dragons at twilight. But, apart from the poorly blue-screened shot of McConaughey on top of the tower, there's no sign that the final fight happens anywhere near twilight.

Plot hole: A starving, hundred tonne creature incinerates Quinn's little veggie patch, then stops to devour the ash. Later Quinn comes back and finds the tomato vines blackened but still there, their stakes intact (not even knocked down), and even some crisp but still edible fruit on the vines.

Continuity mistake: I've seen it in other films but in this one it gets almost ridiculous. Van Zan's beard changes from pretty thick when he's introduced to almost shaved the same day after the first dragon fight then back to thick and fat a couple of days later while in London. Even if we believe he shaved after the dragon fight - which shouldn't be the case since the camera follows him almost the whole time - there's no way it got that fat 2 days later.

Revealing mistake: It's nice to see that Alex (the helicopter pilot), is able to keep herself in such nice and kempt condition. Look at her... clean, washed and combed hair, makeup, and she's actually got lipstick on in one of the scenes.

Plot hole: Given that the dragons overwhelmed the worlds' militaries, the presented ways to bring them down are very gentle, so to speak. The force of impact on the ground would easily be achieved by an air to air or surface to air missile, or an RPG. The crossbow with some explosives has far less strength than a tank shell (weak points or no, the difference is just too great). The dragons are quite tough individually, but would have to succumb to strikes from modern weapons, or even to improvised ancient weapons of modern make. Humans that are able to keep helicopters and M1A2 tanks in running condition would be able to field several weapons that would bring down dragons quickly, effectively and nearly without their own casualties.

Character mistake: When newspapers are flashed on screen to demonstrate how the dragons have destroyed the countries, one of the headlines reads "Europes' capital cities in ruins." It should read "Europe's capital cities in ruins."

Plot hole: When Quinn sets up the last beacon how was VanZan to know he was riding a horse to use as bait to bring the dragon in for him to kill?

Character mistake: When McConaughey introduces female pilot he identifies her as "Jensen, U.S Calvary" instead of "Cavalry." One is an ancient place for crucifixions, the other is an Air Mobile division. (00:41:00)

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Suggested correction: This is an incredibly common mispronunciation. It drives me nuts every time I hear it, but it happens so often in real life that it can't really be considered a movie mistake.

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Factual error: In the scene when they are traveling at night towards London, when they stop at the blockade of burnt out cars and observe the 'London 666' sign, you can partially see that the sign is meant to be a remaining sign for the A5 road in the UK. They are apparently meant to be in Pembury, which is below south London, whereas the A5 goes north of London. Also Pembury is around 30 miles away from London, not 66. (01:07:30)

Quinn Abercromby: Anything happens, you know what to do.
Creedy: Uh no. I have no idea.
Quinn Abercromby: Me neither.

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Trivia: In the fight scene between Christian and Matthew, Christian really was head-butted and apparently had a lump the size of an egg on his forehead for some time afterwards - notice how his hair is more down over his forehead in some scenes than others to hide the lump.

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