Character mistake: When Asia Argento reveals that she is a Russian agent, she says that she works for the FSB, the Russian CIA. This is wrong, however, the Russian equivalent to the CIA is the SVR, the FSB is more like the FBI.

Character mistake: Xander is nicknamed "Triple X" by Augustus Gibbon because he is, in his words, facing a triple strike; "Grand theft auto, reckless endangerment and that little bridge stunt of yours." While there is judicial precedent of two felonies committed in the same act counting as separate strikes when the same person ended up in court for a third one, the three strikes law is designed to fight recidivism, and Xander, apparently a first time offender, wouldn't instantly be put away for life because he committed multiple crimes at the same time. Incidentally, reckless endangerment is not a crime per se in California (but 'reckless driving' is); Gibbons however is not a lawyer of the State (character mistake) and possibly could just be bluffing trying to intimidate Xander. (00:30:30)

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Character mistake: When Xander tells Yelena "There must be something we can use", she goes through the manual and reads aloud "Harpoon, gun, parachutes built into seats, ejectable roof." Minutes later, Xander says that they must have missed something, and she says "Weapons, there are more weapons here in the back", and there's the harpoon gun she already read about earlier, she was even on that page of the manual. (01:43:50)

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Character mistake: In the theater, Gibbons tells Xander that the scientists Anarchy99 have on their payroll are "specialized in biological weapons." But Silent Night, as it turns out, is not a virus or toxin, but it's chemical based, so their old Soviet creation they are specialized in is not a 'biological weapon' at all. (01:08:15)

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Revealing mistake: The Senator's Corvette explodes before it hits the ground. (00:09:10)

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Toby Lee Shavers: I've always wanted to say this. Fire in the hole.

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Trivia: One of the guys that Xander Cage has with him that attach the cameras to the senator's car is skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

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Question: At the start when the agent gets shot at the concert, what is the name of the band and the song that they are singing?

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