Trivia: In the party scene at XXX's house after he pulls the stunt with the Corvette, Joshua Todd, the ex-lead singer of Buckcherry, makes a cameo appearance - he never turns around, but you can see the suicide king of hearts tattoo on his back.


Trivia: One of the guys that Xander Cage has with him that attach the cameras to the senator's car is skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.


Trivia: When Cage goes to the party after his Corvette stunt, he starts talking to a girl with bleach blond hair and two tiger paw tattoos on her chest. This is an appearance by Eve, the famous rapper.


Trivia: In the deleted scene of the plane ride on the DVD, when they are going towards the back where Xander is sitting; if you listen, the movie that is playing is The Fast and the Furious, which Vin Diesel also starred in.


Trivia: As well as before-mentioned Tony Hawk, you can see action sports celebrities like Colin McKay, Mike Vallely, Mat Hoffman and Rick Thorne at the party after Xander stole the Corvette.


Trivia: Right at the start of the movie, when the spy is being chased, one of the two men chasing him is wearing a Rammstein t-shirt, coincidentally the band playing in the building that the spy breaks into.

Trivia: When the drug lord is threatening to hack off XXX's Achilles tendon, he holds up a rusty machete. The man with the machete is, coincidentally or not, the actor that played "Machete" in the movie Spy Kids (2001).

Trivia: Director Rob Cohen has two cameos, first as the horse-riding Colombian and later as the voice of the telephone caller who informs Yorgi that XXX is a spy.


Revealing mistake: The Senator's Corvette explodes before it hits the ground. (00:09:10)

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Toby Lee Shavers: I've always wanted to say this. Fire in the hole.

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Question: At the start when the agent gets shot at the concert, what is the name of the band and the song that they are singing?

Answer: Rammstein - Feuer Frei! Look for it on YouTube.

Shannon Jackson
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