Stupidity: Why did the bad guys even go for Xander as he was snowboarding down the mountainside? First of all, it was impossible for them to even get to him as the mountainside had several cliffs. Secondly, why did so many go? Wouldn't it be clever to have as few as possible leave in case his snowboarding was simply to draw attention away from an ambush? They knew he was an agent by now and should know he could have gotten reinforcements. Thirdly, they could just have simply waited for him to get to them.

Stupidity: Gibbons knew a whole day before, with picture evidence, that the bad guy planned to spread the deadly gas using a submarine he had in his basement, but he did nothing as simple as deploying boats, putting barriers on the river, or troops riverside which would have entirely invalidated the Machiavellian plan of the adversary. We see that he and even his subordinate XXX boss the local police around at will and he's able to mobilize the whole Czech aviation at the snap of a finger ordering them to essentially exterminate the entire population of their capital city (!) no questions asked, so surely it was not a problem of having his hands tied by bureaucracy or anything.

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Stupidity: Vin Diesel and Asia Argento drive past a few villagers who are totally unfazed by the fact that they just witnessed a potato cart explode in flames with a car sprinting through it. How violent must the Bohemian countryside be for villagers to be so blasé to drive-through pyrotechnics? (01:44:50)

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Visible crew/equipment: When Xander and Yelena are in the restaurant and they are shown through the window from outside you can see the reflection of a film crew member in the window. (01:04:35)

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Xander Cage: I've been risking my life for a lot of stupid reasons. This is the first one that makes sense to me.

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Trivia: In the party scene at XXX's house after he pulls the stunt with the Corvette, Joshua Todd, the ex-lead singer of Buckcherry, makes a cameo appearance - he never turns around, but you can see the suicide king of hearts tattoo on his back.

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Question: At the start when the agent gets shot at the concert, what is the name of the band and the song that they are singing?

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