Question: At the start when the agent gets shot at the concert, what is the name of the band and the song that they are singing?

Question: This is regarding the scene where Xander is telling Shaver he wants "All of that, in here" referring to a vast array of weapons to go into the GTO. Where/How in the world did Xander gain access to "all of that"?

Answer: Xander and Shaver were back at the compound where they first met. The one where Xander finds out that Shaver is responsible for making the gun and darts that were used to knock him out. In that scene Shaver shows Xander some of the cool stuff that he had made, and Xander uses a few items later in the movie.

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Question: Does the word 'Ahab' mean anything?

Answer: Captain Ahab is the main character in the book "Moby Dick" where he's obsessed at finding the white whale that bit his leg off.


So are there any similarities between the 'Ahab' rocket's mission and the Moby Dick Ahab character other than the shared name?

It doesn't seem so, but often times "Ahab" is used to describe someone vigilantly set about completing a task, or in this case an object (although it's usually said without regards to how everything ended for Ahab).


Answer: In Hebrew, "Ahab" means "uncle" or "my father's brother." In the bible, Ahab was an idol-worshiping ruler in the "Book of Kings." In literature, Ahab was the revenge-obsessed captain in Moby Dick whose sole purpose was to kill the white whale. The Ahab drone had a singular target like Captain Ahab, so that might be the inspiration for it being called that.

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Question: Why did Vin Diesel pull out of the sequel? Why is the sequel called XXX: The State of the Union if it has nothing to do with XXX himself?

Answer: Vin Diesel chose to reject the sequel as he was being offered three different franchises, based on XXX, The Fast and the Furious concept and the character of Riddick (from Pitch Black) - he presumably felt that he couldn't commit to them all. In the end, he chose to go with the Riddick films and reject the others. The sequel is called XXX for the simple reason that the character is still present - they've just recast the role.

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Question: Couldn't Cage just have triggered the avalanche from the airplane instead of risking his own life doing it the way he did?

Answer: Two reasons. One, for the adrenaline, it's who he is. Second, once the avalanche hit, he couldn't be sure what would survive and what will be destroyed. If he could get into Anarchy 99 and rescue Yelena.

Question: Did the 'Ahab' feature AI? If not, it would have been very ridiculous if it hit something on the water they couldn't possibly have accounted for.

Answer: It was very likely programmed to be able to detect and avoid obstacles in its path.


Visible crew/equipment: When Xander and Yelena are in the restaurant and they are shown through the window from outside you can see the reflection of a film crew member in the window. (01:04:35)

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Gibbons: You've passed the test. The Gibbons Test.

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Trivia: When Cage goes to the party after his Corvette stunt, he starts talking to a girl with bleach blond hair and two tiger paw tattoos on her chest. This is an appearance by Eve, the famous rapper.

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