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Corrected entry: Snowmobile's would never start as fast as they do when the thugs get on them to chase X. Snowmobiles have to be turned on, choked, primed, then the pull cord usually has to be pulled more than once. Also, they need time to warm up, you would never be able to jump on them, start them, and take off right away.

Correction: It is fully possible to just jump on a snowmobile, start and drive off. Just like it's possible to get in a car, start it, and drive off. I drive snowmobiles every day, and i never have to wait to drive.

Corrected entry: During Gibbons Café test, Xander grabs the shotgun of one of the agents. As he was holding it, you could clearly see that the shotgun didn't have a trigger. So how did he get that shot off?

Correction: Slow play the scene through all of the times that you see Xander holding the shotgun and, if need be, zoom in and you will see that the shotgun does indeed have a trigger.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie the GTO changes colors several times. It goes from dark blue to black even to purple.

Correction: That's just the paint that was used - different hues depending on the angle of light.

Corrected entry: When X is in the restaurant with Yelena and she tells her a sniper is outside on the next building he makes a run for it taking a food tray. Once out he uses the tray to stop a bullet from the sniper. No food tray can stop a bullet like that.

Correction: The tray shines light into the scope of the rifle causing the sniper to lose his target and shoot the wrong way.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film they resolve they must destroy the submarine and hence all of Prague to save the world - Why oh why does Samuel L. Jackson, and all the other executives, drive to the middle of the soon to be destroyed city? It seems a waste that such important people would be willing to die for no good reason, especially considering they had 30 minutes to get away and weren't even aware at first that Xander was actually on the sub. (01:49:45)

Correction: The weapon is supposed to be more powerful than a nuclear weapon. Thirty minutes to get out of the area wouldn't be enough to be safely out of the area. They are militarily trained and go to downtown in hopes of discovering some way to neutralize or destroy the sub. It's a pretty cowardly military person who would save their own skin before doing everything they can to protect civilians.


I don't agree with the correction. Thirty minutes would be plenty, with the kind of resources Gibbons has, since he has plenty of planes at his disposal, but more than that; the bad guys earlier detonate one of those rockets inside their own basement and cackle madly at death being unleashed through a security glass door. All it takes for Gibbons, or anyone really, to be 'safe' from that is lock yourself up somewhere, probably even your car with air recycling on and get the hell out of there. It seems awfully uncharacteristic of Gibbons and the other top brass to just stand there on the bridge (with no hazmat suits or anything, and they knew well in advance the nature of the weapon) and be cheerleaders. The entry should be at least a Stupidity (although then #320720 becomes a Duplicate entry).

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Correction: On hard packed soil it is possible to squeal tires on dirt.

Corrected entry: At the start, a police officer in black SWAT gear hits X with a dart. Zoom in and you'll see there's not a mark on it.

Correction: If you need to pause, slow down, or zoom in on the DVD it is not considered a movie mistake if not seen in regular viewing.

Corrected entry: When introducing themselves, the Ivans mispronounce their names. The 'I' must be pronounced as the 'ea' combi, like in 'leave', and the 'a' should be stressed. Instead their names sound English. Also Yorgi is a very strange name for a Russian, first time I hear it anyway. Might be short for Georgi (George), but it doesn't exist either as far as I know.

Correction: The names depend on where in Russia (or its' former territories) they live - different dialects in different regions. The further away you get from Moscow, the more likely you will get different pronunciations for the same name. Yorgi is not that unusual a name in certain areas. There are also many different short forms for names, ex Irina can be Ira, Irisha, Irochka, Irish, Irka, etc, and Yorgi is likely a nickname.

Corrected entry: If Yorgi knew all along that Yelena was a secret agent, why did he let her all around his fortress and let her access all of that stuff knowing she could one day put him in danger? (Near the end you see her opening a secret safe with guns.) It doesn't make sense. Furthermore, Yorgi finds out Xander is an agent, he knows Yelena is with him, and he orders his sniper to call her and make her help them kill him, not one bit suspecting that they might be together in it.

Correction: Firstly, in the vast tradition of action villains, Yorgi is overconfident and sadistic and probably doesn't see her as a threat. Secondly, Kirrill (the sniper) - who doesn't know about Yelena being an agent - calls her to help him by his own accord.

Corrected entry: Most modern rocket launchers have a terrible blast from the back of the launch tube (dangerous for more than 50 m). So Xander's missile shot at the sniper would've been the death sentence for all the people around him, and, judging by the geometry of the room, for him just as well. It could be argued that he used a rocket propelled grenade - they don't have a blast behind them - however, first, I've never heard of a guided RPG, and, second, smoke can clearly be seen trailing the missile - it can only come from the burning propellant of the rocket motor. (01:38:35)

Correction: Aside from the weapon being fictional (as pointed out elsewhere), Xander moves to a completely different position, and from what I've read, back-blast launchers have a rather narrow (but long as you've pointed out) cone. This wouldn't have been enough to effect the others near him (who are now to his right and slightly forward). Although it should have probably effected the wall/panel behind him.

Corrected entry: When XXX and the girl are trailing AHAB in the GTO, just before XXX blows up the potato trucks we see a shot of him with his foot on the gas pedal, the pedal appears to be black and somewhat basic. Later, when XXX and the girl switch seats in the GTO she tells him brake, then gas and we see a shot of the gas pedal, this time the pedal is a racing type, it is a shiny metal with black treads.

Correction: The first time, Xander's foot completely covers the pedal, and what little we can see matches the later shot. However, on the floor mat are two plain black rubber patches that could be mistaken for pedals.


Corrected entry: When escaping from the terrible avalanche, there's a shot showing X being eaten by the giant wave of snow. However, in the next shot the secret agent appears right ahead of the wave.

Correction: In no shot does X actually fall under the wave - he's always just in front of it.


Corrected entry: At the end when the whole police force goes down to where Ahab is launched, one of the men gets shot as soon as he comes around the corner. Funnily enough Xander has enough time to come around and set up and launch the missile. The sniper wouldn't have lit a cigarette when he knows there's more people coming.

Correction: The sniper also stated earlier in the movie that he liked smoke better than air, and he'd even smoke in his sleep, so he probably would have lit a cigarette. He's always got a smoke lit when he shoots someone in the movie.

Corrected entry: In the final scene, where Xander is chasing AHAB, Gibbons receives a phone call saying that a blue GTO is chasing the submarine, but when Yelena arrives, the car is wine color.

Correction: The particular type of paint used on the GTO is one of those that looks different under different light conditions/angles, and in fact appears to change colour several times throughout the film. This is actually commented on in either the directors commentary or one of the featurettes on the DVD.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Xander drives the corvette off the bridge after being chased by the police at the start of the film, the shot changes to a far away shot where the whole bridge can be seen. If you look closely you can see Xander's first parachute emerge. However, when the shot then changes to one looking down from above him you can see Xander has not released his parachute and does not do so for at least another three or four seconds.

Correction: This is just showing Xander releasing the parachute from different angles.

Corrected entry: When Xander is talking to Mat Hoffman back at Xander's house during the party Mat asks Xander if he's landed the Superman Seatgrab Barrel Roll, but a Superman is a seatgrab, so he would basically be doing a superman twice.

Correction: A Superman is not a seat grab. The riders hands are on the handlebar during the actual trick.

Corrected entry: In one scene XXX's gun still has the safety on and it doesn't shoot. When a gun's safety is on it would not make those clicking sounds. It would never let you move the trigger that far back. That sound is made by an empty gun.

Correction: On some guns you can still pull the trigger and it make the click sound with the safety on. It will click, but it stops the pin from hitting the bullet.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the avalanche, it would not be possible to outrun one. You would have to be snowboarding at at least 300mph.

Correction: The average avalanche travels at 60-80 mph (see: Sure, that's probably faster than the snowboard was moving, but he did have a head start. The avalanche could have been moving much slower than that, the slowest recorded avalanche only moved at about 2 mph (

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Corrected entry: After XXX has been 'recruited' and sent to Prague, we are shown the car with the two Ivans driving XXX through the city centre. The following things take place at the same time: a) the screen says 'Prague, Czech Republic' and b) one of the buildings in the middle of the screen can be seen sporting two Romanian flags.

Correction: That's an embassy

Corrected entry: At the scene where Xander sticks the sticky explosives on the bikes he sticks it on the left side of the bike (right facing the camera). During the escape, the sticky explosive is on the right.

Correction: He sticks all of the explosives on the left side as they are lined up but at least one bike is facing toward the camera.


Revealing mistake: The Senator's Corvette explodes before it hits the ground. (00:09:10)

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