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Corrected entry: The super-powerful binoculars had nine levels, the ninth being the 'penetrating mode.' When Xander tries them out, he only sees partially through the women doing target practice. Why then, later on, can he see perfectly through a one foot-thick wall?

Correction: It never says what level they are on when he is admiring the females skivies, just refers to it as "penetration mode" and he adjusts it to look through her at the brick wall behind her.


Corrected entry: The baddie makes a big point of saying that Ahab (the chemical submarine) is solar powered and only needs to surface to draw power from the sun. If it's only just finished being built in a concealed hanger inside a cliff, how can they expect it to travel round the world shooting missiles at cities when it's never seen the sun?

Correction: Notice that the hanger where AHAB is kept is lit? Well solar powered doesn't just mean the sun, artificial light can also be used, plus they don't say how much solar power it requires, it could also already have other power sources to 'boot it up'

Corrected entry: Remember the scene just after X jumped from the bridge? The cameras were attached to the car with metal wires, so they couldn't fall out, but just after X landed he asked "Did you get the cameras?" and you see that they did. How could they possibly have cameras that were professionally attached to the Corvete? Even if they were bulletproof and explosion proof, they couldn't take them off the exploding car...

Correction: My interpretation would be that he means did you get the footage from the cameras - it's likely they'd be broadcasting the signal elsewhere, rather than recording it within the camera.

Visible crew/equipment: When Xander and Yelena are in the restaurant and they are shown through the window from outside you can see the reflection of a film crew member in the window. (01:04:35)

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Xander Cage: I've been risking my life for a lot of stupid reasons. This is the first one that makes sense to me.

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Trivia: In the party scene at XXX's house after he pulls the stunt with the Corvette, Joshua Todd, the ex-lead singer of Buckcherry, makes a cameo appearance - he never turns around, but you can see the suicide king of hearts tattoo on his back.

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Question: At the start when the agent gets shot at the concert, what is the name of the band and the song that they are singing?

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