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XXX (2002)

Visible crew/equipment: When Xander and Yelena are in the restaurant and they are shown through the window from outside you can see the reflection of a film crew member in the window.

Revealing mistake: There was an explosion before the senator's Corvette hit the ground.

Revealing mistake: Xander has a XXX tattoo on the back of his neck. There are several scenes where you get a clear shot of the back of the stunt double's neck and there's no tattoo at all. Most noticeably in the scenes during the attack on the cocaine farm.

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Trivia: In the party scene at XXX's house after he pulls the stunt with the Corvette, Joshua Todd, the ex-lead singer of Buckcherry, makes a cameo appearance - he never turns around, but you can see the suicide king of hearts tattoo on his back.

Trivia: One of the guys that Xander Cage has with him that attach the cameras to the senator's car is skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

Trivia: In the deleted scene of the plane ride on the DVD, when they are going towards the back where Xander is sitting; if you listen, the movie that is playing is The Fast and the Furious, which Vin Diesel also starred in.

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