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Continuity mistake: When Juni handcuffs the metal box to his wrist, it switches back forth from his right wrist to his left over and over again.


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Revealing mistake: After Carmen rescues Juni, as they fly over the city she says, "Hang on butterfingers." In the following close-ups, where is the handcuff with the broken chain on Juni's wrist? He is not wearing it on either wrist in any of these close-ups. It's obviously back in the following shots.


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Continuity mistake: Lifejackets appear magically on the two kids when they emerge from the inside of the weird bubble ship. When they re-enter, they magically disappear. Likely, they simply didn't want the actors to be on a boat without a lifejacket, but there could've been a more graceful way to do it.

00:22:50 - 00:24:05

Continuity mistake: In the first shot of Floop's castle, when the camera pans towards Floop, he holds a ball of clay in his right hand. When it cuts, it's in his left hand.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Gregorio slams on his brakes the car stops alongside the sidewalk, in front of the private school. In the next shot he calls out, "Juni, Juni!" as Juni stands by the open car door. First, a large boom mic and the reflector screen are wonderfully reflected in the car window, before he closes the door. Then when Juni closes the door, a car is reflected on the door, though it is impossible for it to be there since a gate, which is visible in the following shots, stands at the edge of the sidewalk on the car's left side. Some crew members, one of which is behind camera equipment and another holds the boom mic pole, are also reflected in Gregorio's door on the left. Then as Juni walks away, the boom mic moves back and forth in the reflection near Gregorio's face to pick up the actors' audio.


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Revealing mistake: The wicker bench in front of the coffee table changes position in quite a few shots, but none more noticeable than when the BuddyPack flies straight at Ms. Gradenko. When she moans, "What's wrong with you? They're just children," it's directly in front of the table, but in the next shot as Ms. Gradenko is lifted off her feet, the bench is moved towards the center for the stunt.


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Revealing mistake: After Carmen rescues Juni, they fly over the city and she yells, "I'm not gonna drop you!" Before Carmen drops Juni, as she loses her grip of him and he slips, three of the BuddyPack harness straps around Carmen actually come apart from the fourth center locking mechanism in the close-up!! Needless to say once the harness unlocks the powerful BuddyPack would immediately fly off and Carmen would fall, she would never even have the chance to reattach the four point harness.


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Continuity mistake: When Carmen and Juni go into the clothing store, a Thumb Thumb hits the door. Moments later, the clothes trolley goes flying out of the door. It should have run into the unconscious Thumb Thumb, but the Thumb Thumb is gone.


Continuity mistake: At Ingrid and Gregorio's wedding, when they escape after they hold hands, in the close-up the parachute leg straps are not around Igrid's thighs, they are dangling at her back as they run to leap off the cliff, whereas Gregorio's are set right. Yet in the next wide shot, as they jump, the straps are secured around both of her thighs.


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Continuity mistake: The handcuff with the broken chain that is stuck on Juni's wrist, actually changes its position to the opposite way, while on the same wrist, in some shots the single bar faces out and in others the double bar faces out. For example, when Juni speaks into his watch and says, "I'm toast!" the double bar faces out, yet in the park when Juni spins as robo-Carmen approaches him, the single bar faces out.

00:41:00 - 00:48:10

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Revealing mistake: When Carmen and Juni are going to Machete's shop they arrive in a cab. When they get out you see and hear the cab screech off, but if you look in the window of Machete's shop, across the street, you see the reflection of the cab speed up, but then quickly slow down when out of camera shot.


Continuity mistake: When Ingrid is telling the kids the story in the beginning of how she fell in love with their dad, she mentions how nervous she was on the day of the wedding until she was walking down the aisle and saw him for the fist time. Then, as they said "I Do" was when the planes came and they escaped during the ceremony. But later on in the safehouse Carmen finds pictures from the wedding,including one of Ingrid and Gregorio together. So when were those taken?

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Continuity mistake: After Ingrid and Carmen disappear through the ceiling, when robots Carmen and Juni appear, in the corridor towards the stairs there is a tall silver pedestal. When Carmen and Juni actually battle the two robots, as Carmen pulls robo-Juni's hands behind his back, there are multi-colored lights all over that pedestal.

01:13:00 - 01:15:45

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Revealing mistake: Ingrid and Gregorio jump and fall in front of Minion, Lisp and Ms. Gradenko. When Gregorio says, "Lisp! I should have known you were behind this," Minion has his right hand spread against his chest and the latex skin of the fake hand is peeled away from his four real fingers. Then as Gregorio and Ingrid are detained, the latex is peeled away from Minion's real thumb. After Machete leaps through the puzzle window, the peeling around Minion's fingers is once again visible.


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Visible crew/equipment: After Carmen uses Machete Bubbles to shock the four Thumb Thumbs, she and Juni drop down on the wires. A pair of hands are actually visible at Carmen's back, as she begins her descent, but they were alone up there!


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Visible crew/equipment: At the safehouse, while Ms. Gradenko asks, "Where does the third brain live exactly? Did Felix tell you that?" Juni places the photo of his parents upright and the third brain rises underneath the photograph. Before the photo flips over, the long wire for the stunt is clearly visible beneath the frame.


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Factual error: When Gregorio and Ingrid are being chased by a helicopter during their wedding, the helicopter goes between two stone posts and the helicopter's blades break the post tops off. The problem is that both of the tops fall forward, which is wrong - one should fall forward, the other one should fall backwards.


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Visible crew/equipment: Machete shows the mini spy plane to Carmen and Juni, and when he says, "It's built for one passenger..." visible in the plane's window, standing beside Carmen, there is a perfect reflection of a crew member holding the large white reflector screen, just out of camera shot.


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Continuity mistake: When Juni and Carmen sit in the park, as Carmen holds the locating device, Juni holds the Floop and Fooglie figures and starts to set them down. In the next shot, the Fooglie is already down, but Juni now holds the Third Brain, its small sack with the long cords and Floop. The position of the backpack changes between shots as well.


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Visible crew/equipment: When Ingrid sits at the vanity table in the bedroom, in the shot just after Gregorio's screen reads, "Type password," but just before the close-up of Ingrid's fingers typing on her makeup, there is a lovely reflection of a crew member behind the camera, which is perfectly clear in the mirror to Ingrid's right.


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