Spy Kids
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Carmen Cortez: Our parents can't be spies... they're not cool enough.

Carmen Cortez: Spy work, that's easy. Keeping a family together, that's difficult. And that's the mission worth fighting for.

Carmen Cortez: Never send an adult to do a kid's job.

Gregorio Cortez: Remind me to raise their allowance.

Juni Cortez: You mean you're our real uncle? Because we've already got a fake uncle.

Juni Cortez: Teach them to be good.

Juni Cortez: It needs... children.

Carmen Cortez: Ooooh, shiitake mushrooms.

Gregorio Cortez: Remember when we could sense danger a mile away?
Ingrid Cortez: Those were the days.

Mr. Alexander Minion: I feel it is time we concentrated on our grand, diabolical plan.
Fegan Floop: Syndication?

Continuity mistake: When Juni handcuffs the metal box to his wrist, it switches back forth from his right wrist to his left over and over again. (00:35:05)

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