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Corrected entry: When Juni drops down into the hallway with 'fooglie agents' chained up, and 'thumb thumbs' guarding, he says to an agent: 'Where's my mom and dad?'. The fooglie understands what he says and replies backwards. Later when they leave that area, Juni says:'sknaht' (Thanks said backwards), The fooglies nod as if they understand. Do they understand backward and forward words?

Correction: They probably understood "mom" and "dad", as those words are the same forward and backwards.

Corrected entry: They walk out of the store with their new attire, without paying. (00:42:40)

Correction: Not particularily a mistake. They may have forgot, what with the Thumb-Thumbs chasing them. Stealing/forgetting to pay for clothes is not a movie mistake... it's a crime, yes, but in their given situation, they probably don't care.

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Corrected entry: When Juni is running in the halls of Floop's castle somewhere late in the movie, he is about to turn a corner, but when the angle changes, we all of a sudden see a completely white room with white supporting beams. Floop's castle seems to be a real set. If it is just comp animation (doubtful) all comp added shots are either filmed on green or blue screen. This baffles me as to why they would do this in the movie. THIS MAY BE DELETED ON THE DVD.

Correction: This is not deleted on the DVD. This white/grey room with angular support beams is to the left of the virtual room in Floop's castle. There is no mistake, CG or otherwise, here.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where the villain talks about how the only thing that would make him feel comfortable is to see his army, Minion put his hand on his shoulder. If you look closely you can see a line on his hand showing that it is a glove.

Correction: When Minion puts his hand on Lisp's shoulder, in the first front close-up, the cuff of his shirt sticks out a bit under his suit sleeve, just over the wrinkled creases in his skin, due to the protruding extra hands. Then in the side close-up there are only wrinkled creases between his hands and the suit. Unfortunately, there is no line that would reveal that it's a glove in these specific shots.

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Corrected entry: At the safehouse when the buddypack is flying about the room, the camera zooms in on Ms. Gradenko as she says something like, "What's wrong with you, they're just children." As she says this look closely at the bottom right of the screen; what appears to be one of the mics used in the film pops up but then quickly goes down.

Correction: I went frame by frame in order to get the proper timecode, but there is no mic. It is Ms. Gradenko's hand that pops in and out of shot.

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Corrected entry: When Gregorio almost hits the crossing guard, you see children pass her going to the left of him, but when Juni gets out, you can see that the school is to the right of him. Why would the children be leaving school in the morning?


Correction: The school is to the left of the parked car, which the same direction that all the children walk toward and the same direction that Juni walks toward.

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Corrected entry: When Carmen and Juni escape from Ms. Gredanko's henchmen, they climb on a bus. Carmen walks over to a woman and acts like she is her daughter and the woman strokes her hair instead of pulling away.

Correction: The woman may just be playing along, thinking that Carmen may be mentally handicapped or something. She wouldn't want to insult her.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the kids are getting ready to go off in the aeroplane, Juni is the one that grabs the huge handful of electroshock gumballs, but later when Carmen first uses them, Juni says "What was that?" and Carmen has to explain.

Correction: We can see throughout the scene where the kids are raiding Machete's shop that they grab lots of things they have no clue how to use. That could be one of those things.

Corrected entry: After the "SOS" break into the safe house, Carmen grabs a jet pack and escapes through a tunnel, then its a dead end. Above her you can see a member of the crew put the "glass" on, then she smashes through the glass and escapes

Correction: As Carmen is chasing the man with the third brain it makes sense that he might know where he was going. She kept stopping to work out where he went - it would make sense that he would take the glass off and replace it so as not to break it. He is seen flying off if you look closely.

Corrected entry: All fooglies turn into weird looking things, their brains turn to mush, and they talk backwards, but when Ingrid and Gregorio turn Minion into a fooglie, he talks normally, just high pitched.

Correction: Before Minion lets go of the button he says "fools" which means either that it doesn't work as well if you hold it down a bit or he fixed it so it wouldn't work on him.

Corrected entry: When Carmen, Juni and Uncle Felix are running from the thumb thumbs onto the shuttle that will take them to the safe house, Uncle Felix doesn't make it on in time but if he had where would he have sat? There were only two seats on the shuttle - just enough for Carmen and Juni.

Correction: If Felix had made it to the spy sub then he would have driven. Therefore one of the kids could have sat in the rest area near the top of the sub.

Corrected entry: The action figure of Floop has the black glove on his left hand, but during the movie you see him putting is on his right hand about two or three times.

Correction: It was a toy, so the makers don't have to make the figure look exactly like the real person.

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Revealing mistake: After Carmen rescues Juni, as they fly over the city she says, "Hang on butterfingers." In the following close-ups, where is the handcuff with the broken chain on Juni's wrist? He is not wearing it on either wrist in any of these close-ups. It's obviously back in the following shots. (00:41:45)

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Answer: When he told her that he knew about her still wearing diapers. He did it to get back at her for being so mean to him and they decided to call it even.

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