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Revealing mistake: After Carmen rescues Juni, as they fly over the city she says, "Hang on butterfingers." In the following close-ups, where is the handcuff with the broken chain on Juni's wrist? He is not wearing it on either wrist in any of these close-ups. It's obviously back in the following shots.


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Revealing mistake: The wicker bench in front of the coffee table changes position in quite a few shots, but none more noticeable than when the BuddyPack flies straight at Ms. Gradenko. When she moans, "What's wrong with you? They're just children," it's directly in front of the table, but in the next shot as Ms. Gradenko is lifted off her feet, the bench is moved towards the center for the stunt.


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Revealing mistake: After Carmen rescues Juni, they fly over the city and she yells, "I'm not gonna drop you!" Before Carmen drops Juni, as she loses her grip of him and he slips, three of the BuddyPack harness straps around Carmen actually come apart from the fourth center locking mechanism in the close-up!! Needless to say once the harness unlocks the powerful BuddyPack would immediately fly off and Carmen would fall, she would never even have the chance to reattach the four point harness.


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Revealing mistake: When Carmen and Juni are going to Machete's shop they arrive in a cab. When they get out you see and hear the cab screech off, but if you look in the window of Machete's shop, across the street, you see the reflection of the cab speed up, but then quickly slow down when out of camera shot.


Revealing mistake: Ingrid and Gregorio jump and fall in front of Minion, Lisp and Ms. Gradenko. When Gregorio says, "Lisp! I should have known you were behind this," Minion has his right hand spread against his chest and the latex skin of the fake hand is peeled away from his four real fingers. Then as Gregorio and Ingrid are detained, the latex is peeled away from Minion's real thumb. After Machete leaps through the puzzle window, the peeling around Minion's fingers is once again visible.


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Revealing mistake: After the Machete Bubbles knock-out the four Thumb Thumbs, Juni and Carmen descend on their individual wires, then once on the ground they remove their wires. The wires that remain hanging are not the ones they actually descended with.


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Revealing mistake: When the BuddyPack zooms toward Ms. Gradenko at the safehouse it lifts her into the air and she flies backwards. In the shot facing her, the center bar of the wicker frame on the back of the bench is gone for the stunt, whereas in the previous shots it's intact.


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Revealing mistake: When Juni descends on the wire to speak with Agent Donnagon the Fooglie, the wire attached at Juni's hip differs with the harness and wire that are attached to Juni's upper back in other shots.


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Revealing mistake: When Ingrid knocks off the head of the ice swan, in the first shot she is about to hit the middle of the neck from the front, yet in the next close-up of her arm it hits much higher and from the side. It is also blatantly apparent that it is not Ingrid's arm taking out the ice head in the close-up.


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Revealing mistake: When Carmen and Juni are in the submarine/boat and it jumps over the fishing boat, during the chase scene on the way to the safe house, you can see the landing tracks floating in the water when it comes down.


Revealing mistake: When Miss Gredenko's head is on fire, you can see the line where the fake head begins.

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Revealing mistake: Carmen uses Machete's Acid Crayon to break through the bars of Ingrid's jail cell. As she draws across the bars, there are three premarked lines visible to Carmen's right.


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Revealing mistake: The boat carrying the film crew leaves a very large wake in the water ahead of Carmen and Juni's Super Guppy boat/sub, in the shot as Carmen yells, "But they're catching up!" while the four Thumb Thumb speedboats chase them.


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Revealing mistake: As the army of robots approach, there are close-ups of Ms. Gradenko smiling and as she claps her hands her fake scalp wrinkles where it meets her real forehead. Teri Hatcher's bald cap is blatantly obvious in quite a few shots.


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Revealing mistake: When Carmen and Juni fly into the clothing store, the door opens for them, but when the Thumb Thumbs get to the door, the door doesn't open for them.


Revealing mistake: Throughout the shots of the corridors in Floop's castle, the many works of art, light fixtures, etc., are repetitive, despite the fact that they are supposed to be different corridors. Although one can say there are identical works of art and so forth, in the multitude of corridors, however even the painted uneven surface of the walls surrounding the art, etc., are perfectly identical.

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Revealing mistake: When Juni saves Foogle and they run out of the Virtual Room, a Thumb Thumb appears in the corridor. This Thumb Thumb, being real as opposed to CG, has wide back wedges at its heel to support the body inside.


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Revealing mistake: When the Thumb Thumbs chase Carmen and Juni in the speedboats, one speedboat rams a small boat. In the first shot the back end of the small boat with the motor is demolished, yet in the second shot the boat is split cleaner and the back end with the motor is intact.


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Revealing mistake: Before robo-Carmen punches the wall, the painted uneven plaster surface actually changes between two shots, as her fist makes contact. Then in robo-Carmen's close-up and next shot looking up, it's clear that only the exterior slabs of pre-cut painted plaster come loose and fall from the hollow interior, differing with the large chunks of interior plaster on the floor in the next shot.


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Revealing mistake: As Ingrid tells the tale of the two spies to Carmen and Juni, in the story when Ingrid follows Gregorio up in the elevator, her coat is red including under the collar and lapels, with about 6-8 inches of red on the interior along the span of the edges, the rest being a black interior. After she removes her wig, to disguise herself even further she then turns her coat inside-out, with the same characteristics in the opposing color. Obviously in reality there are two coats, as this is impossible to achieve when simply turning the coat inside-out.


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