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Continuity mistake: When Jason is cutting Marie's hair in the hotel room, his watch is on his left wrist. When he and Marie begin to kiss, in this flipped shot Jason's watch is on his right wrist, his moles have changed sides, and the hand-held showerhead behind them is backwards as well. Next shot his watch is back on his left wrist. The flipped shot has nothing to do with the small bathroom mirror. (01:00:56)

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Continuity mistake: This is the scene where Jason is on the fire escape platform in the consulate in Zurich. Before he goes down below the platform we see that the platform is cleared of all the snow. Then moments later, when security guard opens the door and Jason is under the platform, the top of the platform is fully covered with snow again. (00:23:46)

Plot hole: In Paris, why does the assassin go to the ridiculous amount of trouble of swinging into the room on a rope with a machine gun when he came in from the lobby (as proved by the dead woman downstairs)? Alternatively, if his intention was always to surprise Bourne by coming in through the window, why venture downstairs at all? (00:44:07)

Continuity mistake: After the car chase in Paris, Bourne parks Marie's car in a garage but when the cops find it later it's not the same garage. The wall in front of the car is different and the concrete column with the extinguisher is gone. (00:56:20 - 01:07:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Wombosi is assassinated by the other agent he is shown walking down the stairs with glasses on and a turtleneck sweater. He also has another man following him. Then the next shot shows Wombosi (or a stuntman) standing in front of the window with a leather coat on and no glasses. He is obviously not walking anymore and the man behind him is nowhere to be seen. (01:03:41)

Continuity mistake: When Bourne gets the box from his numbered bank account, the bank clerk carries it by holding its handle. Then he puts it on the table tipping it over to the side, so Bourne can open it. Thus the ingredients (especially the heavy weapon) should all be laying on the right side, what used to be the bottom of the box. But when Bourne opens it, everything is nicely arranged. (00:15:22)

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Continuity mistake: When Bourne approaches Marie about a ride, they talk across the top of her Mini. First, there is lots of snow on the car's roof. Then, there isn't. (00:25:40)

Continuity mistake: In the scene at Treadstone HQ when they are looking at the footage of Bourne and Marie in the alley, Conklin is wearing a short sleeved blue oxford dress shirt. When they zoom in on Marie to present her bio, Conklin is wearing a long sleeved shirt.

Factual error: When Bourne arranges the rendezvous on the bridge (Pont Neuf) the time is scheduled for 5:30pm. At this time, in winter, in Paris, it would be dark, but the scene is in daylight. (01:34:05)

Factual error: All the scenes which are supposed to play in Zürich were being shot in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. The director didn't choose Zürich because the city was too clean for him. The signs on the walls are sometimes written in Czech language, and the people speak German with a strange (Czech) accent, not like someone from Zürich.

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Continuity mistake: When Bourne blows up the tank at the farmhouse, the wide shots show a solid wall of black smoke. In the closer shots there's nowhere near as much. The smoke in the first shot must be coming from the explosion, and in the closer shot we're looking right at the destroyed tank, so it can't be due to different angles. (01:26:27)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where all the Treadstone agents are being contacted, we see Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. In the first shot of the building we see cranes standing next to it. In the next shot, the cranes have disappeared. (00:27:00)

Factual error: Jason's Canadian passport has been issued in 1993 and expires in 2003. Canadian passports at that time were only valid for five years. 10 year Canadian passports were only introduced in 2013.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jason steals a grey Ford Sierra, when Marie walks from the phone booth to the car (Jason is taping the window) she passes a red Ford Fiesta and there is a grey Renault Laguna behind it. The car they are stealing is out of shot. When they drive off their car is suddenly on the spot where the Renault was. (01:18:07)

Continuity mistake: When Jason and Marie are in the car prior to the car chase they have a conversation with camera angles switching back and forth in the car. From shot to shot the window glass is alternately covered with a lot of rain droplets, a few rain droplets, and even completely dry. (00:52:15)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Bourne is watching Conklin arrive on the Pont Neuf in Paris. The very first time Bourne is seen looking down at the bridge from the roof there is a long row of traffic all along its length. There is a scooter heading the direction of the traffic. Bourne gets his scope out and follows the scooter, yet from that moment on the line of traffic has magically vanished. You see the scooter through the scope about 2 seconds after you can see it on the bridge, and it would still be going along beside the traffic, but the traffic is gone.

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Continuity mistake: In the part of the embassy scene where Matt Damon starts clobbering security people, the Marine's hat falls off no less than three times. (00:21:10)

Continuity mistake: When Bourne is escaping from the Embassy, he drops the bag, which hits some metal thing on the way down, making it wobble to and fro. The camera cuts away while it's still moving and we see the marines coming upstairs. When Bourne climbs under the fire escape, we can see down to the ground and the metal thing's stopped moving. All well and good, except after the marines leave Bourne looks down, and in that shot the metal thing is moving again, then stops - obviously the rest of the shot we saw before. (00:23:46)

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Factual error: When Matt Damon enters the station, the clock reads 2:30. On the board inside the station, the timetable shows some trains leaving at 5pm. In this busy train station in Paris, it would be impossible to list 2+ hours of departures. It is usually only about 1 hour at that time of the day.

Factual error: At the Zurich bank scene Jason's Russian passport is shown. The name is Foma Kiniaev as it is written in Latin letters. But the Cyrillic text isn't the same, it actually doesn't mean anything. The transcript is something like "LSTSFUM ASF". The place of birth is written as "Moscou" which is the French spelling of the name of the city. The passport is bilingual, Russian/English, so it'd be MOCKBA/MOSCOW. (00:17:11)

Nicolette: He killed our man.
Conklin: What, in the apartment?
Nicolette: Yeah.
Conklin: Well, you got to clean that up.
Nicolette: No, I can't clean it up; there's a body in the streets.
Conklin: So?
Nicolette: There's police, this is Paris.

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Trivia: In the final scene at the scooter shop, look at the hanging plant behind Marie. The red bank bag used throughout the movie is the pot. (01:50:23)

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Question: During the Greece scene, there is a line strung at the end of the covered area (behind Marie) with several things hanging on it that look like seaweed, pennants, or something. What could that be?


Chosen answer: They are octopii hung up to dry in the sun. A common sight at Greek islands. If you search Google, there are pictures of them. They are humorously mentioned at

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