The Bourne Identity

Trivia: In the beginning, after Jason gets off the train, there is a shot of Jason outside at night looking up a snow-covered street with some footprints in the snow leading away from him. These footprints belong to director Doug Liman. (00:10:29)


Trivia: In the final scene at the scooter shop, look at the hanging plant behind Marie. The red bank bag used throughout the movie is the pot. (01:50:23)

Trivia: Both Brian Cox and Chris Cooper's characters are never referred to by name until the end credits.

Trivia: The motel/hotel in Paris, where Matt Damon and Franka Potente are spending some nights is called "Hôtel de la paix" ("Peace Hotel"). The right spot for a spy and his companion in deep trouble, isn't it? (01:04:44)

Trivia: This film highlights Franka Potente's trademark for having her hair dyed a lot in her films. In fact, she sometimes shaves her head after a film in order to let it grow back normally, as it gets dyed so often.

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