The Bourne Identity

The film opens with the unconscious form of Jason Bourne floating around in the Mediterranean Sea, 30 kilometres south of Marseilles in France. Some fishermen rescue him and the doctor on board extracts two bullets from Jason's back and a small light-emitting diode gadget from his hip which projects an account number in a Zurich-based bank.

Jason spends the rest of the film trying to regain his memory, starting at the bank. His bank box contains heaps of money, six passports with different identities (e.g. Greek, Brazilian, Russian, etc...) and a gun. He is unaware that he is a trained assassin based in Paris as part of the Treadstone Project. As far as US defense officials are aware, Treadstone is an advanced army training program. However, it is, in fact, a mafia-like unit designed to eliminate internationally "dangerous" people. When his employers find out that instead of being dead at the bottom of the sea, he is still alive, he becomes a target because he could reveal the true identity of Treadstone. The head of Treadstone deploys other assassins in Europe to kill him.

At the US embassy in Zurich, he meets Marie, who drives him to Paris and travels around with him. The head of Treadstone goes to France to meet him. Jason survives the assassination attempts, gives Marie money and tells her to leave for her security, finally gets his memory back, quits Treadstone and goes to find Marie, who now runs a scooter hire company.

Plot hole: In Paris, why does the assassin go to the ridiculous amount of trouble of swinging into the room on a rope with a machine gun when he came in from the lobby (as proved by the dead woman downstairs)? Alternatively, if his intention was always to surprise Bourne by coming in through the window, why venture downstairs at all? (00:44:07)

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Nicolette: He killed our man.
Conklin: What, in the apartment?
Nicolette: Yeah.
Conklin: Well, you got to clean that up.
Nicolette: No, I can't clean it up; there's a body in the streets.
Conklin: So?
Nicolette: There's police, this is Paris.

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Trivia: In the beginning, after Jason gets off the train, there is a shot of Jason outside at night looking up a snow-covered street with some footprints in the snow leading away from him. These footprints belong to director Doug Liman. (00:10:29)


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Question: During the Greece scene, there is a line strung at the end of the covered area (behind Marie) with several things hanging on it that look like seaweed, pennants, or something. What could that be?


Chosen answer: They are octopii hung up to dry in the sun. A common sight at Greek islands. If you search Google, there are pictures of them. They are humorously mentioned at

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