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Corrected entry: Jason demands a meeting with Conklin at 17:30 local time in France. Assuming he woke up at 8:00 spent half an hour with the Professor and returning to the farm, this gives him nine hours to get to the rendezvous. A commercial liner takes 8 hours to fly from Washington to Paris at 950 km/h, and a smaller plane like he used would top out at 750 km/h. He doesn't have enough time.

Correction: He's not in Washington. He's in France.

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Corrected entry: In the farmhouse shooting Damon shoots the assassin with a shotgun from a pretty big distance. Due to the dispersion of the little lead bullets the injury should not that bad as it is shown.

Correction: Shotgun ammunition comes in varying types, ranging from the traditional "little lead bullets" through larger and larger pellets and finally arriving at single slug ammunition. A single slug (or some of the larger pellets) could easily do the damage shown at the range in question.

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Corrected entry: Jason first sees Marie inside the US embassy before he meets her out back. Marie was not going to the USA and she wasn't a citizen of the US, so why was she in the US embassy trying to take care of her student visa and passport problems?


Correction: Marie is trying to get to America. If you watch the behind the scenes on the DVD it's mentioned. So if she's trying to get to America she would have to get a visa from the embassy.


Corrected entry: When Bourne fights the two policemen in the park, he grabs the nightstick when poked with it and it bends, showing that it is a fake rubber night stick.

Correction: That's no mistake. A lot of police forces use rubber sticks instead of hard ones, because they are more effective.


Corrected entry: The climax scene of the movie is at night. Chris Cooper's character looks into a room to see if Matt Damon's character is in it. Daylight is streaming through the windows like morning. Next shot has dark windows again.

Correction: It's not daylight that is streaming through, it's the neon lights from the signs outside the building.


Corrected entry: In the scenes during which Bourne and Marie are driving the Mini Cooper, interior shots are of at least two different cars, neither of which is the older model Mini Cooper featured in external shots. Interiors feature three-point seat belts, far more plastic than one would find on the original Mini, and in at least one shot, a steering wheel that appears to contain an air bag. Minis did not have any of this stuff until the 1990s, while the car used for exterior shots is of 1970s vintage at latest.

Correction: I'm not sure why you would assume this is a mini from the 70's just by looking at the exterior. Using the exterior to determine age, I would say it's a 90s mini. These specific 12" wheels are cooper wheels not available until early 90s. 12" wheels came in as standard fitment on all minis in the mid 80s. Even then, it's not easy to judge age just by appearance, as features are so easily retro fitted.


Corrected entry: When Jason is outside the consulate's outer door and trying to get onto the ledge, the first Marine to open the door has an M-16. Rewind and you will see that this same Marine has a H&K submachine gun just before he opens the door.

Correction: Marines on embassy duty are all infantry trained. Part of that training is selecting the right weapon for the right environment, foe, etc. So when pursuing Bourne throughout the building, which those Marines would have known by heart, the staff sergeant in the lead would have wielded a short-range SMG like the Heckler and Koch. However, knowing that he was about to open a door that lead to a broad expanse of open street, other buildings, etc. he would have instinctually switched off with another troop for the longer-range, harder-hitting M-16.


Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, there are countless references to the incident early in the movie at the U.S. Embassy in Zurich. Neither the U.S. nor any other country maintains an embassy in Zurich. The capital of Switzerland is Bern. Since most of the characters in the movie work for the U.S. government, they would surely know the difference between an embassy and a consulate. (00:27:34)

Correction: There are actually only two references to the incident at the consulate. The first one is made by Bourne who does call it an embassy but in his state it might just be a generalisation, and the second one is made by Ward Abbott who correctly identifies the location of the incident as a consulate.


If you mean the scene right after the consulate when he approaches Marie in the alleyway by her car, he does call it the consulate.

Corrected entry: After Bourne enters Eamon's house and discovers the Christmas lights still on, he knows they have to leave, but they don't leave in time to avoid Eamon returning home. But as he leaves the house to meet Eamon, you can see the Christmas lights blinking through the opened window. They would have seen the lights as they approached the house, wouldn't have entered the house at all, and would have avoided the entire scene the next day.

Correction: It's not uncommon for Christmas lights to have timers to turn them off and on. It's not the lights that convinced Bourne they could not stay, it's the signs of very recent occupancy inside the home that tell him the homeowners have left relatively recently and therefore could be back at any time.

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Corrected entry: After Matt Damon leaves the boat, his character looks around wondering where to go. When he walks off and a close-up of passing civilians happen, if you looks closely, you can see him immediately hiding behind the passing vehicle, giving the illusion that he suddenly "disappeared". A closer inspection shows a portion of his orange coat and even his footsteps below the vehicle keeping up with its speed. (00:09:45)


Correction: Even within the context of the film, he either hid behind the vehicle or teleported away. Since there's nothing supernatural about this series, we must assume the former was intended. Therefore, it's no mistake to see him doing precisely what he's supposed to be doing.

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Corrected entry: After Jason is dropped off on land, he is seen walking away from the camera, then disappears as a vehicle passes him. If you look carefully at the vehicle after it's passed him, it's possible to see feet and a shadow belonging to someone running behind it.

Correction: This is no mistake. Bourne is simply running alongside the vehicle.


Corrected entry: When the agent ambushes Jason and Marie in Jason's Paris flat, they have a really impressive fight sequence. During this fight, Jason breaks the other man's leg. When he gets up off the floor after the fight and runs to the window to jump out, he doesn't have even the slightest hint of a limp.

Correction: If he had broken it... you would see the bone protruding. Even if he had broken it. If he was able to ignore the pain there may have been no need for a limp. Also running a short distance would make it difficult to identify a limp.

Correction: Jason doesn't break the leg, he hyper-extends the knee. This hurts his opponent quite a bit, but as is also demonstrated by the pen-stabbing, the assailant is able to ignore the pain to do what he needs to do. It's part of his training.

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No, he broke his leg below the knee.

Corrected entry: Right when Womboosi is shot, he is already past the window when the shots come through. Obviously done for the safety of the actor or stuntman, but visible.

Correction: If the shooter is at an angle to the window, his best shot would be when Womboosi is past the window.


Corrected entry: In this scene where Jason disappears when the blue car passes, you can see him duck and follow the drivers side of the car. Just follow the color of his orange jacket. (00:09:40)

Correction: This isn't a mistake. There's nothing to say Jason Bourne has super-powers and can just disappear at the drop of a hat. He uses the bus for cover.


Corrected entry: When viewed at half speed on the Bourne Identity DVD, it is clear when Bourne shoots the Professor in the field for the second time, that smoke comes away from the Professor's body before the shot is fired. I don't know much about guns, but it doesn't seem to make sense. (01:25:15)

Correction: Sorry, but the rules of the site say you have to able to see it at normal viewing speed.


Corrected entry: When Matt Damon is picked up by the Zurich police as he sleeps on a park bench, the officers address him in German with Swiss accents. This is very different to the actual Swiss dialect used in Switzerland. German is only used when talking to Foreigners or Swiss from the French or Italian parts of the country. At this point the officers do not know that Matt Damon is American.

Correction: There is no set dialect that the officers must or have to use. It's presumptuous to say they wouldn't use a particular accent. Even if they only used German with Swiss accents for foreigners, the officers ask him for his papers when they wake him up, so they likely then knew he was a foreigner and not a local.

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Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film, the Italian sailor gives Bourne some money, saying something along the lines of "it's not much but it should get you to Switzerland." Yet in the shots we get of Bourne on the train, he is in a first-class car. (00:09:30)

Correction: It may not have been much but it was apparently enough to buy a first class ticket. Extravagant perhaps but not a mistake.


Corrected entry: As the CIA crew is learning about Marie's family, one operator refers to a "step-brother", then Chris Cooper refers to him as a "half-brother".


Correction: This is a character mistake rather than a movie mistake. Chris Cooper's character is under severe pressure.


Corrected entry: A minor (though not story-shattering) plot hole: During their drive from Zurich to Paris, Jason and Marie would have found the Swiss-French border in their way - something which doesn't even seem to cross their minds (or the minds of the CIA agents who are trying to track them). Given that Jason had just caused a major security panic at the US Consulate in Zurich, getting out of Switzerland would probably have been a bit trickier than portrayed in the film. Even if the CIA and the Swiss police didn't know where they were headed, they did have IDs on both Jason and Marie, as well as a description of their car. One way or another, Jason and Marie would have had to figure out a way to get into France undetected. Yes, maybe we're "bending reality" a bit here for the purposes of the film, but as a frequent international traveller, this is one "bending" that bugs me a bit. I wish I could make pain-in-the-neck border officers disappear that easily.

Correction: I used to live in Switzerland and drive to France all the time without being stopped at the border. The border guards are much stricter when entering Switzerland but there are roads which are fully guarded only during the day with occasional guards at night to catch out those who shop too much in France (they even have voluntary customs posts believe it or not because the Swiss are alarmingly honest). In general, leaving Switzerland is easy so there's no mistake.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film, Matt Damon (Jason Bourne) is rescued by a fishing vessel. He is taken on board and examined by the ship's doctor/captain. As he is cutting away Bourne's wet suit, there are two bloody bullet holes in his back - but no holes on the wet suit that he had just cut away. (00:02:50)

Correction: Wetsuits are made of a highly elastic fabric and therefore are unlikely to show bullet holes in a cursory examination. You would have to look very closely to see small slits caused by the bullets which would be tightly closed by the rubberized material.

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Continuity mistake: When Jason is cutting Marie's hair in the hotel room, his watch is on his left wrist. When he and Marie begin to kiss, in this flipped shot Jason's watch is on his right wrist, his moles have changed sides, and the hand-held showerhead behind them is backwards as well. Next shot his watch is back on his left wrist. The flipped shot has nothing to do with the small bathroom mirror. (01:00:56)

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Jason Bourne: How could I forget about you? You're the only person I know.

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Trivia: In the beginning, after Jason gets off the train, there is a shot of Jason outside at night looking up a snow-covered street with some footprints in the snow leading away from him. These footprints belong to director Doug Liman. (00:10:29)

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Question: On the DVD main menu, does anyone know what song is playing? And is it on the album?

Answer: The artist is "Genuine Childs", the song is just called "The Bourne Identity DVD menu music score". It's not on the Bourne album, but you can find it on their soundcloud page:

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