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Corrected entry: When Conklin is on the bridge for his meeting with Jason, he removes his coat over his shoulders and reveals a vest underneath. When the shot is changed to Jason's binoculars, he is wearing no vest and just the blue shirt shows.

Correction: Watch again more closely and you will see that he has a blazer on underneath and that he pauses as he takes off the overcoat to take off the blazer at the same time.


Corrected entry: During the car chase scene, one of the motorcycle police falls off his bike, and his bike slides into a white BMW. When the shot changes, it is now a blue BMW. (00:52:50)

Correction: The BMW is the same car, it looks different from a different angle because of lighting.


Corrected entry: When the sniper is disassembling his rifle after he kills Wombosi, he takes a silencer off of his rifle. But when he takes it off he just slides it off the length of the barrel instead of taking it off the tip of the barrel, that means that the silencer wouldn't work because it has to catch the gasses coming out of the end of the barrel. How can it catch those gasses when it's not on the end of the barrel?

Correction: The suppressor shrouds the barrel, but extends slightly beyond it. I imagine that the design re-directs the gasses back into the tube for the baffles to slow down to subsonic speeds.

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: Damon rides in a train from France to Switzerland. It is the famous french high speed train TGV. As far as I know it is only operating in France.

Correction: According to, you can go from Marseille to Zurich using this train.

Dr Wilson

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bourne is chasing the other sniper at the farmhouse he reloads the shotgun and throws the spent shells down on the ground. Wouldn't his instincts as an assassin have told him to "police his brass" and maybe put them in his pocket? (01:28:01)


Correction: I don't think this qualifies as a mistake under the "Why" rule. He probably should have done, but he didn't - a personal mistake maybe, but not a movie mistake. Also, you don't worry about 'policing brass' while your victim is fleeing!

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: After Jason has left the farmhouse and is looking for the sniper in the field, there is a scene where you can clearly see someone else in the back left also running through the field wearing what looks like dark green, black or camouflage.

Correction: No, you can't.


Corrected entry: At the farmhouse, the assassin gets close enough to the place to dispatch the dog without being heard. So why then does he retreat to a distant, open field to start firing potshots at Bourne?

Correction: This should not be considered a mistake insofar as a professional assassin would follow the dog (from a distance, through a scope, for example) until he was in a place where he would not be discovered and then shoot him.


Corrected entry: When Bourne steals the grey car he smashes the front passenger window. Sitting on the broken glass would be very uncomfortable for his companion. Shouldn't he break the rear three-quarter window like any petty thief would?

Correction: They're not in a hurry. Jason takes the time to tape up the window he broke, so he could have just brushed the broken glass off the seat as well.


Corrected entry: During the scene when they were dying Maria's hair you can see two tattoos on her back. At the end of the movie in the scooter shop she only has one.

Correction: She only has one tattoo on her right shoulder blade. In the hair dying scene, as the camera pans up you can see what looks like the very tip of a tattoo on her left shoulder blade. However, it's just a freckle or a mole.


Corrected entry: At the farmhouse when Marie is leaving with Eamon, the camera switches back and forth between Jason and Marie. As it switches it is alternately snowing and not snowing.

Correction: It's snowing through the entire scene. Because of what's behind Jason, it is much easier to see the snowflakes than when the camera is on Marie. However, if you look closely, you can see the snow falling from both perspectives.


Corrected entry: Why does the fire escape ladder in the beginning only go down about 3 feet on a 6-7 story building?

Correction: The door to that fire escape was locked and in a sealed off area. It was obviously not in use because of that very reason and because the entire platform was clearly unstable.


Corrected entry: During the first time Marie and Jason are driving to Paris, behind a closeup of Jason through the passenger window, a car passes, indicating they are on the left side of the road. Moments later, a wide shot of the car on the road shows they are on the right.

Correction: The car that "passes" Jason and Marie is yellow and traveling in the opposite direction on a side road parallel to the road that Jason and Marie are on. There are approximately 15 seconds between when we see the yellow car and the wide shot where Marie's car is on the right side of the road. During those 15 seconds, if you look closely outside Jason's window, you can see the parallel road slowly ending, and Marie's car traveling on the right side of the road.


Corrected entry: How was it that Jason Bourne was able to travel from Marseilles to the bank in Switzerland without a passport? Even a spy of his magnitude couldn't pull that one off.

Correction: Switzerland reserves the right to randomly spot check passports (which is outlawed between EU countries), but they rarely do.

Corrected entry: The scene where Bourne dyes the girl's hair is sexy, but why does he go through the trouble to change her looks when he does absolutely nothing to his own looks? He doesn't even put on a hat! (00:59:08)

Correction: Bourne has to assume that whoever's after them knows him well enough that a basic disguise would be pointless. Marie, on the other hand, is an unknown quantity, so attempting to disguise her is worthwhile.

Tailkinker Premium member

Correction: Women's hair is usually longer and more voluminous than men's, also also has many more unique options for styling and color. Therefore it is considerably more useful as an identifier than men's hair, and the benefit to changing her hair in terms of altering her appearance is much more substantial. Bourne's hair is basically "short, brown" which fits tens of millions of men in the potential search area. Marie's is "reddish-brown, shoulder-length, straight", which narrows it considerably unless changed.

Corrected entry: When Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) cleared everything out of his bankbox except for the gun, he loaded it all into a single red, over-the-shoulder bandbag. Later on, in France, he stops at a bus or train station and places the red bag in a locker. Unless I missed something, they never showed him returning to pick the bag back up from the locker. Yet, later in the movie when Marie (Franka Potente) parts ways with Bourne at her friend's countryhouse, he gives her money in the red bag. How did he get the bag back? (00:49:24)

Correction: Jason and Marie remain in Paris for some time, gathering information and so forth - Jason could easily have retrieved the bag at some point during that time period. Just because they didn't show it, it doesn't mean that he didn't.

Tailkinker Premium member
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Continuity mistake: When Jason is cutting Marie's hair in the hotel room, his watch is on his left wrist. When he and Marie begin to kiss, in this flipped shot Jason's watch is on his right wrist, his moles have changed sides, and the hand-held showerhead behind them is backwards as well. Next shot his watch is back on his left wrist. The flipped shot has nothing to do with the small bathroom mirror. (01:00:56)

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Nicolette: He killed our man.
Conklin: What, in the apartment?
Nicolette: Yeah.
Conklin: Well, you got to clean that up.
Nicolette: No, I can't clean it up; there's a body in the streets.
Conklin: So?
Nicolette: There's police, this is Paris.

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Trivia: Both Brian Cox and Chris Cooper's characters are never referred to by name until the end credits.

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Question: What is Jason doing with the tape and the car window, in the scene before he drives Marie to Eamon's house?

Chosen answer: He is taping up the car window that he broke in order to keep some of the winter weather out.

shortdanzr Premium member

Answer: He taped the door edges so they wouldn't leave fingerprints on the car.

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