The Bourne Identity

Other mistake: In the scene where Nicole is listening to the French police radio, all rack equipment to her right is from Behringer, which is about the cheapest and most unprofessional you can find. A no-budget-limit governmental assassination squad would not save the $300 and buy Behringer equipment. Period. Also, the bass synthesizer, echo/reverb effects and digital crossovers in the rack have nothing to do there in the first place. (01:08:05)

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Continuity mistake: In Bourne's Paris apartment, Bourne takes off his orange jumper and leaves it on the desk. When he kicks Castel over the desk, the orange jumper is knocked to the floor. After Castel goes out the window, the jumper is back on the desk again.

Factual error: When Bourne gets off the ship in the very beginning of the film, he is in the harbour of Imperia in Italy. Then he travels to Zurich by train. On the seats of the train you can see the logo TGV which are the French Railway's high speed trains. A French train doesn't travel from Italy to Switzerland.

Factual error: On the way from Zurich to Paris there's an Aral gas station. There are no Aral gas stations in Switzerland or France, only in Germany and Luxembourg. (00:34:00)

Continuity mistake: When Bourne leaves his Paris apartment, the dead lady's head position changes between shots.

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Continuity mistake: When Bourne is on the phone with the French hotel asking whether his identities are checked in there, his right hand changes from holding passports to holding the phone between shots.

Continuity mistake: Early in the film, Matt Damon is running up several flights of stairs. He is shown walking around a corner when the camera suddenly cuts to a different angle. In the new angle, he is shown running around the same corner. (00:22:27)

Continuity mistake: During the car chase in Paris, the sun shines when the camera films the front of the car Bourne is driving, but it's grey and gloomy when the camera films the rear of the car. Changes back and forth throughout the entire car chase.

Continuity mistake: In the car chase scene, the windscreen wipers on the Mini change from being on, then to off, then back on again throughout the whole chase. (00:52:42)

Audio problem: In the farmhouse scene where Jason is pursuing the other assassin, you can distinctly hear the calls of an American Crow and a Blue Jay, two species of birds that are not found anywhere in Europe, where they're supposed to be.

Visible crew/equipment: When Bourne is scoping out the bridge he is supposed to meet Chris Cooper on, a piece of camera equipment is showing on the right hand of the screen.

Revealing mistake: In the night scene where the Professor is driving in the rain to assassinate Womboosi, 2 people are visible in the car when it is shown from the front. Later he states that he always works alone so there is no reason for the other person.

Continuity mistake: After Bourne dyes and cuts Marie's hair, she is left with long tendrils at her temples. He brushes them away when they start kissing. But the next morning, when Marie wakes up in bed, all of the front of her hair is cut short.

Visible crew/equipment: Hanging on the balcony of the embassy, Bourne's stunt double is very noticeable because he is much older and has longer hair.

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Continuity mistake: When Wombosi gets assassinated, the shot changes to a view of the sniper's scope. The glass on the window is not broken, even after a bullet was fired through it. (01:03:44)

Factual error: When Conklin flies to Paris, we see him board a Dassault Falcon 900 that bears the registration "N-GIDE." This is not a valid United States aircraft registration. All US registrations have an "N" followed by up to four alphanumeric characters without a hyphen in between (e. G, N601AW). (01:35:10)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jason Bourne first wrestles with the boat's doctor/captain, the man shows Jason the cylinder that was in his hip and asks him why it was there. Jason grabs it and his hands are clean, then in the next shot as the medic is still holding him there is blood all over Jason's hand as Jason continues examining this cylinder, then the blood disappears again.

Revealing mistake: As Jason goes into the train to hide the bag of money, extras can be seen looking directly at him and the camera.


Factual error: 104 Rue du Jardin does not exist in Paris. They stop on a rather large street which would be called a "boulevard" in Paris. Not a "rue." (00:37:05)

Factual error: When his team are tracking Marie, Conklin asks about the yellow pin in the map and is told she lived there in 1997 and that the nearest town is Riom. The pin is on the town of Nevers which is 170 km from Riom, with several towns much closer than that. (01:22:10)

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Chosen answer: He is taping up the car window that he broke in order to keep some of the winter weather out.

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Answer: He taped the door edges so they wouldn't leave fingerprints on the car.

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