Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever (2002)

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Revealing mistake: When Bert is running in the woods, away from the local guys, he rubs blood on a tree to make them believe he ran a certain way. Look close, the tree already has red tint on it probably from previous takes that didn't wash off.


Continuity mistake: When Marcy and Paul are hauling Karen into the jeep, Karen spits blood all over the windscreen. Then when we see the shot of Karen falling to the ground and shots after, the windscreen is pretty clean.


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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Paul and Marcy are having sex, you can see there is nothing on Paul's left wrist. The following shot of them Paul is moving his hands up her back and you can see he now has a watch on his left wrist.

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Continuity mistake: When the rednecks are chasing the Blazer the Ford truck they're driving has round headlights. When the kid hits the deer and gets out the truck has square headlights and a different grill.

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Continuity mistake: When Deputy Winston is talking to Paul, he takes his tinted glasses off, in his left hand. Then in the next shot he has them in his right hand, although he never swapped hands.


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Continuity mistake: When Bert first realises he has the fever, he crouches beside the car and starts coughing up blood. When he hears the others coming he wipes his mouth, leaving a small trail of blood on his chin, but when he stands up and talks to them the blood is gone and his chin is clean.


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Continuity mistake: When Bert returns from shooting, he talks to Jeff and Marcy, when returning his BB gun hangs over his right shoulder. Shot changes and his gun hangs over his left shoulder. When it cuts to the last back closeup of him and as he walks away to the cabin, you can see the gun has jumped to being over his right shoulder between the shots.


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Revealing mistake: When Jeff walks out the cabin and is shot by police, you can tell he's wearing a bullet-proof vest or padding.


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Audio problem: In the scene where Marcy tells Paul that he hurt her back (when they had sex) you can hear a clock ticking in the background. But in the scene a few minutes earlier where she talked him into having sex with her, that takes place in the same bedroom, the sound isn't there.



Continuity mistake: When Marcy jumps up in the bath/shower after shaving the flesh off her legs, we see a lot of blood pooled around the wounds on her back when only seconds ago we saw that the wounds were scabby, but not bleeding at all. Not only that, but somehow the blood has managed to spill upwards, reaching several inches above the wounds it came from. Also, when she begins to jump up, she's facing the shower head directly, but when the camera angle changes, she springs up facing towards the bathroom mirror, which is about a 45 degree angle difference in direction.



Plot hole: Marcy was killed because she was unable to unlock the tool shed door quickly enough to get inside where she'd be safe from the mad dog. So how did the dog get inside the tool shed where Paul finds him only minutes later?



Continuity mistake: Marcy made it all the way to the toolshed before the dog caught her and started mauling her, but her severed foot is later found only a few yards from the cabin.



Continuity mistake: When the kids are in the shop near the beginning of the film, at the shopkeepers desk is a cardboard box, and next to it are some jars and tins. Between a couple of shots the jars/tins rotate and move position on the desk, and also two or three jars/tins appear then disappear.


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Revealing mistake: In the cave scene, when Paul finds Grim's body, during the "worm in the ear" shot, Grim's neck is moving quite visibly with his pulse.


Continuity mistake: When the blonde goes to kiss her boyfriend as they are floating on a platform in the lake, she rolls herself off the platform and completely submerges herself underwater. When she comes up for air, it cuts back to her boyfriend looking at her, then back to the blonde who is head above water and her hair is completely dry.


Continuity mistake: When Marcy, Bert, Jeff and Paul are in the cabin talking about the fact that maybe they should prepare their own meals, during the conversation before the scrap between Jeff and Bert, watch Marcy who's sitting on the couch. Between shots she goes from having her hands up in the air, to folded or down in her lap.


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Revealing mistake: When the police are throwing the bodies on the fire near the end of the film, the body that gets thrown on top is obviously a doll. The body on the bottom looks like it possibly could be, but the one on top is definitely one.


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Factual error: A doctor is seen using a syringe to inoculate the individual with the disease. It is clear that the containment gloves and sleeves he is using are not proper as you can see his skin between the gloves and the sleeve. If this were a real containment unit his entire skin would be covered.


Chris Barrette

Continuity mistake: When Marcy is shaving her legs, in a close-up shot of her face we see a small smear of shaving cream on her forehead that hadn't been there in the previous close-up. A few shots later, it has vanished just as mysteriously as it appeared.



Character mistake: Paul tells Marcy he's leaving her to go look for Jeff. But soon afterwards, when Paul hears Marcy's dying screams, he runs back to the cabin from exact opposite direction to the one Jeff went when he ran off into the woods. Paul watched Jeff leave, so he would've known what direction he should've been searching in.

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