Cabin Fever

Trivia: The 'pancakes' scene was completely rewritten when auditions for Dennis were being held. Writer Eli Roth rewrote the whole scene when black-belt kid Matthew Helms amazed Eli with his karate moves in the audition.

Trivia: At the end of the movie, the trailer truck is delivering Down Home spring water, in reference to a company who produced the movie, Down Home entertainment.

Trivia: After the boy in the green baseball cap gets bitten by Dennis for the 1st time, he tells his father "To make a sign or something." Later, in the "Pancakes" scene, look by the swing and you'll see a sign that says "Do Not Sit Next To Dennis."

Trivia: The Director Eli Roth actually had a flesh eating virus when he was in either Greenland or Iceland and that's what inspired him to do this movie.

Trivia: The scene where Paul runs into the deer in the jeep, this in reference to the fact that the movie was made in association with Deer Path Films.

Phil Watts

Trivia: The original dog hired to play the mad dog in the film was elderly and reportedly so friendly that it couldn't be made to seem the least bit threatening during filming. The producers were forced to find a replacement dog at late notice. The one they found (the one seen in the film) was just the opposite. He was so vicious that none of the cast or crew were able to go near him and great precautions had to be taken while his scenes were being filmed to assure everybody's safety.


Trivia: The director planned the "no condom" sex scene to be filmed with complete nudity, but Cerina Vincent, who had only recently done a great deal of gratuitous nudity in "Not Another Teen Movie" was worried about being associated too heavily with nude scenes so she refused to let her ass be shown. The director really wanted to preserve the nudity, though and so he eventually persuaded her to show precisely 1 inch of her ass in the scene. He personally measured the exposed area of her ass with a ruler to make sure he got the agreed upon inch, then the bed sheet was duct taped to her buttocks in this position to make sure the sheet didn't move and violate the agreement in either the director or Cerina Vincent's favor. This is why the bed sheet seems to be stuck to her ass in that scene - it is!


Trivia: Joey Kern suffered several separate injuries requiring him to be taken to hospital throughout filming. It played havoc with the movie's shooting schedule.


Trivia: Jordan Ladd's makeup for when we see her bare skull wasn't applied in front of a mirror, so the first time she was able to see herself was with the effect completed. The shock of seeing herself like that was reportedly so jarring that she broke out into tears.


Trivia: The crew member responsible for transporting the "Bert's decapitated body" prop decided that the best way of doing this was to strap it in to the passenger seat of his truck. Unfortunately, he was spotted by a highway patrol car while doing this and ended up being held at gunpoint by the cops, who believed the crewman was a murderer trying to dump his victim's body. The crewman was let go peacefully after the cops realized that the "body" was just a movie prop.


Revealing mistake: When Bert is running in the woods, away from the local guys, he rubs blood on a tree to make them believe he ran a certain way. Look close, the tree already has red tint on it probably from previous takes that didn't wash off. (01:04:35)

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Justin: Yeah, he's a professor... of being A DOG! oooh, faced... Scratch moded.

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Question: What was in the box that the locals brought with them from the general store when they went to the cabin to take care of the infected teens? They referred to it as the kit, and it was carried by the heavy bald guy who got the screwdriver in his ear.

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