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Corrected entry: On the first night that the teens are camping, one of the guys is telling a story about the bowling alley. During the story, they show the "happy, bald guy." Without even looking very closely you can see that he is not bald, but wearing a bald cap. (00:19:35)

Correction: In the commentary with Eli Roth and Rider Strong, Roth explains that the "happy, bald man" is his brother, Adam Roth, and that he did actually shave his head for the part, even though it looks like a cap.

Corrected entry: When Jeff and Marcy have sex at the beginning of the movie, Marcy's earrings are different and smaller then the ones she'd been wearing up until that scene. (00:04:00 - 00:13:55)


Correction: In the car we see Marcy wearing two earrings, a large hoop and small hoop, in each ear. It isn't until a few scenes later, when she and Jeff are in bed, that the big hoops had been removed. No continuity mistake since here.

Corrected entry: When we first see Deputy Winston, he is clean-shaven. At the end of the film, when Paul stumbles upon the party, Winston has a moustache.

Correction: Deputy Winston has a mustache but in the couple of days that this movie takes place over it just becomes more defined.

Corrected entry: When the Hermit is set on fire, the fire spreads all across his back, however, when seen later in the lake face-down, his clothes don't look burnt at all.

Correction: If you look closely you can see that they are indeed charred.

Corrected entry: When the hermit tries to steal their truck, the boys try to scare him off by shooting at the truck and they also hit it with a baseball bat, breaking off both wing mirrors. In a later scene when they are washing the blood off the truck, neither of the mirrors are broken.

Correction: They never break off the mirrors they break the windows. The mirrors are actually never touched.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, the dark-haired girl is celebrating finals being over, yet when they go on their vacation, the trees have fall leaves on them. It doesn't look like winter or spring (when finals actually take place).

Correction: Not all finals take place in winter or spring. They are in college and could very well have a term that ends in the fall with finals taking place.

Corrected entry: When they realise their friend Karen is infected, they don't want her to sleep with them in the cabin so they lock her up in the shed. However, later, they don't hesitate and hold her in their arms.

Correction: By then, they all "know" (or at least think) that they are all doomed anyway, so they're not afraid to hold her.

Corrected entry: When the cops are burning the bodies Winston says there's one in in the basement but there is no basement ever shown or mentioned prior to that.


Correction: Well we don't exactly get a grand tour of the cabin. There could very possibly be a basement that we just don't see.

Corrected entry: Weed Guy ties his dog to the tree when he arrives at the cabin. When he leaves, he walks straight past the dog, not moving to touch it, and tells it to follow him - it does. How did the dog untie itself from the tree?


Correction: The weed guy leaves the group and turns around and tells his dog to 'come on' he then goes to bend down and untie the dog and just as he touches the rope the camera cuts to the group.

Corrected entry: It takes a dog a long time to eat one bone. So why, after such a short space of time, does the guy not see ANY of Marcy's remains except a foot? The dog couldn't have eaten all of her and her bones, or dragged her entire body into the woods before coming back to start on Karen. There should have been some bones at least lying around.


Correction: There was flesh and blood all over the ground in front of the cabin, the foot was just one of the large remains, also this is a flesh eating virus meaning that infected flesh would decompose fast. It's also possible that the dog would bury any larger parts for later.

Corrected entry: After the wierd stoner guy goes back to his tent, and the characters are going back to the cabin, there is very obviously someone crouching in the trees just off to the left.

Correction: The someone who is crouching to the left is the stoner guy who is untying his dog from around the tree.

Revealing mistake: When Bert is running in the woods, away from the local guys, he rubs blood on a tree to make them believe he ran a certain way. Look close, the tree already has red tint on it probably from previous takes that didn't wash off. (01:04:35)

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Justin: Yeah, he's a professor... of being A DOG! oooh, faced... Scratch moded.

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Trivia: The 'pancakes' scene was completely rewritten when auditions for Dennis were being held. Writer Eli Roth rewrote the whole scene when black-belt kid Matthew Helms amazed Eli with his karate moves in the audition.

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