The Transporter

Character mistake: At the end of film when the Chinese refugees are being unloaded from the lorry a policeman helps an injured man off, then goes back to help others. The injured man sits and then lies down. As he does, the policeman that helped him throws a bag without looking, which hits the injured man.

Character mistake: Inspector Tarconi refers to Frank's car as a BMW 765, yet later Frank refers to it as a BMW 735. In the E38 style BMW 7 series, there are 728, 730, 735, 740, and 750 models. Only the 740 and 750 sold new in North America and all the models sold in Europe. The 740 and 750 are almost never seen in Europe for fuel reasons. There is no such car as a BMW 765, in any body series. (00:12:30)

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