The Transporter
Movie Quote Quiz

Mr. Kwai: The delivery will be made. My daughter will get over it. If I'm lucky, she'll see the light.
Frank Martin: Yeah, and if she's lucky, maybe you'll get hit by a truck.

Frank Martin: You don't need your mouth to pee.

Lai: You're always complaining, except when we make love. Then you say nothing.

Frank Martin: Rule #1. Never change the deal.

Frank Martin: All right, that's enough juice for now.

Inspector Tarconi: Monsieur Frank, people with this kind of firepower do not make mistakes about who they visit. Who would want you this dead?

Frank Martin: That's your last pee break for this trip.

Wall Street: You can't get anything done in a world without rules.

Wall Street: Poor Frank. What'd she tell you? That we're smuggling people in containers? You know, Lai's a great name for her.

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