The Transporter

Trivia: The photos of car owners on the inspector's computer are that of the crew.


Trivia: In the very beginning of the film the TV broadcasts images from Starship Troopers' recruiting commercials.

Trivia: Reportedly, the main character Frank Martin was originally written to be subtly implied to be gay, but this idea was dropped early on. Despite the script changes, Louis Letterier, who co-directed this film and directed "Transporter 2," has said that he still considers the character to be gay (even though the films show him having sex with women), as he finds it makes the character more interesting. (Letterier even likes to claim that Martin is one of the first gay action heroes).


Trivia: "The Transporter" was not a massive hit for the studio in theaters, and a sequel wasn't considered upon initial release. However, it subsequently ended up becoming a very hot seller on DVD and was also a hit in the video-rental market and in television broadcasts, and thus a second film was eventually greenlit. The franchise at this point has spawned two sequels, a theatrical reboot and a television series that lasted two seasons.


Trivia: When Lai Kwai is looking through the pictures at Frank's home, one of the pictures she looks at is that of a young boy with a monkey. This is in fact a real photo of Jason Statham.

Trivia: The BMW used in the film was an E38 735i, according to the BMW Wiki page. In the DVD commentary, Statham tells us it was a custom-built, manual transmission (when the production cars are automatics), and therefore one-of-a-kind. (00:02:30)


Trivia: Jason Statham not only performs the majority of his own movie stunts and fight scenes, but he is highly trained in kickboxing and jiu-jitsu and is considered as skilled as most MMA fighters.

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Continuity mistake: When surrounded by police and a garbage truck, Frank drives his car from the overpass onto the passing transport trailer below, then lands behind a hatchback and in front of two cars - a white compact with a sunroof and a grey hatchback. In one specific shot from atop the trailer, as Frank rolls his window down (before he requests the gun) the only vehicle behind Frank's car is the white compact, which is at the trailer's rear. Note things such as the trailer's safety bars, and the view through the compact's windshield for starters. That grey hatchback is back when the ramp is lowered, for the ensuing crashes. (00:08:20)

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Frank Martin: All right, that's enough juice for now.

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Question: Frank is fighting a lot of bad men in oil, so everything is slippery. My question is: What are the things Frank puts on the front of his feet, to fight the slippery oil, they are like half-rollerskates?


Chosen answer: You notice that Frank removes those items from a bicycle frame. Those are stirrup-style rat trap bicycle pedals. They have serrated metallic edges which supposedly give Frank traction on the concrete floor, despite the oily mess.

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