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Vampires picture

Jack Crow: You ever seen a vampire?
Father Adam Guiteau: No I haven't.
Jack Crow: No? Well first of all, they're not romantic. It's not like they're a bunch of fuckin' fags hoppin' around in rented formal wear and seducing everybody in sight with cheesy Euro-trash accents, all right? Forget whatever you've seen in the movies: they don't turn into bats, crosses don't work, and garlic? You wanna try garlic? You could stand there with garlic around your neck and one of these buggers will bend you fucking over and take a walk up your estrada chocolata while he is suckin' the blood outta your neck.

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Star Trek: Insurrection picture

William Riker: We're through running from these bastards!

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Legionnaire picture

Guido Rosetti: I don't want to fight you.
Rolf Bruner: Yeah? But I do.

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Central Station picture

Isadora: If you ever miss me, take a look at our little portrait. I say this because I fear that you'll forget me as well. I miss my father. I miss everything. Dora.

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Lost in Space picture

Dr. Smith: Never trust anyone, especially me.

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Senseless picture

Darryl: They killed my baby. He got involved with that whole east coast-west coast thing, and being that he is so Chicago they both banged on him.

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