Rear Window

Other mistake: Christopher Reeve's nurse has just installed the camera, and they are showing it to Daryl Hannah. During a close-up of Jason Kemp's camera displayed by a monitor, she notices that the woman victim of domestic abuse is wearing too much make-up for that time of the morning, no doubt to hide the results of the beating she took. Jason does not move the camera at that point, but a minute later he (it actually looks like she is the one doing it, but there's an engine buzz so it should be Jason operating it, not her turning it by hand) rotates it to the right. The visual in the monitor is unchanged from earlier even if the camera moved. (00:33:30 - 00:34:30)

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Jason: I guess he's still in the slammer.
Claudia: In the slammer?
Jason: Yeah, the sculptor across the way beat up his wife last night.
Claudia: You're kidding.
Antonio: Jason sicced the cops on him.
Claudia: Oh, so this isn't just cheap thrills. It's in the public interest.
Jason: Call me citizen voyeur.
Claudia: So, if he gonna come after you?
Jason: No, I don't think so. He doesn't know I called the cops, and I didn't give my name to 911.

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