Thursday (1998)


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[Ice has just wedged a gun under Casey's chin.]
Ice: You know what happens if I pull this trigger? Do ya?
Casey Wells: I repaint my ceiling.


Dallas: Don't worry. I'm not gonna kill you til you cum. I'll let you betray your wife thoroughly.


Casey Wells: There's a .45 in the fridge, and you grab a fucking frying pan!


Casey Wells: You know what they did in Ancient Rome when a visitor violated somebody's hospitality? They cut off his dick and they nailed it to the fucking gate!


Continuity mistake: When Nick and Casey go into Ballpean's flat, nick is frisked by the bodyguard, who finds no weapon on him. Casey refuses to be searched. When a fight breaks out, Casey pulls out two pistols, so we understand how he smuggled them in, by refusing to be frisked. However, Nick pulls a machine gun out from under his jacket. There was no way he could have smuggled this in without the bodyguard catching him when he frisked him. It's a big gun too, which would have made it even more obvious if he tried to smuggle it in.


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