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Babe: Pig in the City picture

Zootie: We're going outside? Without a human? Could be kind of dangerous, you know, in a lethally sort of way.

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The Last Days of Disco picture

Des McGrath: You know that Shakespearean admonition, "To thine own self be true"? It's premised on the idea that "thine own self" is something pretty good, being true to which is commendable. But what if "thine own self" is not so good? What if it's pretty bad? Would it be better, in that case, not to be true to thine own self?.. See, that's my situation.

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Les Miserables picture

Marius: If we can't win today, then none of us have a future.
Jean Valjean: You have love. That's the only future God gives us.

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Music From Another Room picture

Ring DIng Guy: She took my ring ding.

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Following picture

Bill: Jesus Christ! Do you think they believed you?
Cobb: Of course they didn't fucking believe me.

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Curtain Call picture

Stevenson Lowe: So what went wrong?
Lily Marlowe: Well, Max has his faults. There were many women to whom he was not, shall we say, indifferent.
Stevenson Lowe: But you knew that, I mean, you knew that.
Lily Marlowe: I thought it would pass. I think it's a sad loss that men have such an aptitude for love coupled with such an inability for managing it properly.

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Buffalo '66 picture

Billy Brown: You adore me, you love me, you cherish me, Jesus Christ you can't live without me.

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Zero Effect picture

Steve Arlo: He can tell you where you were born, how old your mother was at the time, and what you had for breakfast, all within 30 seconds of meeting you.

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Antz picture

Z: I guess you prefer old Blood and Guts, huh? His idea of a romantic date is two seats at a public execution. Boy, you sure chose the right husband.
Bala: For your information, the general and I are deeply, deeply in... in... engaged.

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Bulworth picture

Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: I think it'd be a good idea to say "I'm sorry", huh?
Kid #1: Oh man, I waited my whole life for this moment.
Cop: I'm... sorry.
Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: Say "No problem, Officer."
Kid #2: Go fuck your mama, you fucking pig cocksucker.
Sen. Jay Billington Bulworth: That's good enough.

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Disturbing Behavior picture

Dorian Newberry: Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone.

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Croupier picture

Jack: I'm not an enigma, just a contradiction.

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He Got Game picture

Michael Jordan: He got game.

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Smoke Signals picture

Thomas Builds-the-Fire: Hey Victor! I'm sorry 'bout your dad.
Victor Joseph: How'd you hear about it?
Thomas Builds-the-Fire: I heard it on the wind. I heard it from the birds. I felt it in the sunlight. And your mom was just in here cryin'.

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Dangerous Beauty picture

Maffio Venier: May sing... and rhyme... and more. Still... is at best a slut... with every horny mutt! You pride yourself on arts and letters, and fucking best your manly betters.
Veronica Franco: I save the goodly wives of Venice from their husbands' lustful menace.

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Firestorm picture

Shaye: Hey smoke jumper... you still alive?

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Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World picture

John Rolfe: Well, you didn't say, "Thank you," either. Whatever happened to manners and etiquette?
Pocahontas: Well, since you are new here I don't expect you to have them yet.

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Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence picture

Laurence: When I get nervous, I never say anything. I just sit there and get uptight.

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Brink! picture

Katie Brinker: What's in the bag?
Brink: Stuff.
Katie Brinker: You have more stuff now then you did before. What's in the bag?
Brink: Nunya.
Katie Brinker: Nunya?
Brink: Nunya business.

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Without Limits picture

Steve Prefontaine: You know me Bill, I've always been sort of an Adidas freak.

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