Paulie (1998)


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Paulie: Hit the brakes, ugly.
Benny: Oh, that's cute. You train the bird to insult your customers?
Paulie: No, I could tell you're ugly all by myself.

Ivy: Somebody has to teach this beautiful bird some manners. Might as well be me.
Paulie: What's wrong with my manners?

Marie Alweather: Paulie.
Lila Alweather: Marie.
Marie Alweather: Paulie! Fly back to me! Paulie! Paulie, I love you! Fly back to me.

Paulie: There are things in life you put off, because you think you're gonna do them later. But the real thing Ivy taught me is you gotta live like there may not be a later.

Adult Marie Alweather: You're the song that the tree sings, when the wind blows. / You're a flower... you're a river... you're a rainbow. / I loved you the first time I saw you... / And I always will love you, Marie.

Continuity mistake: After Paulie is bought from the pawn shop by Ruby, they are out on the sidewalk talking and if you watch in the background, the same red Mustang turns the corner twice in a row.

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Trivia: The first Spanish song performed by Cheech Marin, Paulie, and the parrots in the cantina is the same song sung by Antonio Banderas and his mariachis in the opening sequence of "Desperado". Cheech Marin is the cantina owner in the other film as well.

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