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He Got Game (1998)

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Continuity mistake: As mentioned in a previous error, just before Jake is checked into the Surf Hotel, there is a long scrolling shot that illustrates the surroundings of Jake's room in the hotel. In particular, notice that Nathan's Seafood and Clam Bar is not across the street from Kennedy Fried Chicken. This is contradicted later when a) Jake looks out of his window and sees the Nathan's sign, and b) Jake is seen leaning out of his window above the Kennedy sign.


Continuity mistake: When the two officers escort Jake into his hotel room, you can see that there is a wall to the right of the three men as they walk into the room. In other words, Jake's room is at the end of a hallway. However, when the officers leave Jake's room, you can hear the door shut, and the wall is no longer there. In other words, Jake's room is no longer at the end of a hallway.


Revealing mistake: Just before Jake is checked into the Surf Hotel, there is a long scrolling shot following the car and shows where Jake's room will be. In particular, there is the Kennedy Fried Chicken sign with one window above 'Chick' and one above the 'K'. After checking into the hotel and the guards leave, we see Jake outside of his window. This shot involves a recreation of the original location because the two windows are now above the 'nnedy' and 'en'. Furthermore, the lights surrounding the sign have changed (some are burnt out or missing, and they don't flash at the same time interval).


Continuity mistake: During the final basketball game between Jake and Jesus, Jake is standing under the basket and appears to throw the ball directly at the fence in frustration. The next shot shows the ball bounce off of the top of the backboard directly to Jesus.


Continuity mistake: Sitting court-side at Tech University, the coach is holding the hands of Chick and Jesus. A subsequent shot of Chick and Jesus shows that they are not holding hands.


Continuity mistake: When Jesus is talking with his girlfriend at the bus stop, his body changes position between shots.


Sip: We're the rail splitters and no body's fucking with us.

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Trivia: One of the players of the Lincoln team is Travis Best, former player of the Indiana pacers from the NBA.


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Question: There is a short scene with a group of African-American youths on a staircase playing this dice game where they throw the dice and take money, or something along those lines. This game has been featured in many other films. What is this game called, and what exactly do you do in it?

Answer: This is almost exactly like the casino game 'Craps'. Except you are only trying to roll your original number. If you roll a '7' before your original number then you lose. If you roll your original number before the '7', then you win. The other crap rules usually do not apply.


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