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Two Mules for Sister Sara picture

Col. Beltran: This is better than killing each other, no?
Hogan: I only figured there was going to be one funeral... Catholic.
Col. Beltran: Oh? I didn't know you were Catholic.

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Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town picture

Narrator: So you want to know all about Santa, huh? Best place to start is at the very beginning, when Santa was just a little baby.
Little Girl: You mean Santa was once... a baby?
Narrator: Of course! Everybody has to be a baby at least once in their lives. Now this was years and years ago. Oh, way back.

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Patton picture

Soldier: Where ya goin', General?
Patton: Berlin! I'm going to personally shoot that paper-hangin' son of a bitch.

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Kelly's Heroes picture

Major General Colt: They even got the grave diggers with them.

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The Cheyenne Social Club picture

Harley Sullivan: I've never known it before, John, but a good gunfight sure makes a man hungry.

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Woodstock picture

Crying Girl: I have to get out of here because there's just too many people. And I can't leave, because, my friends will be lost. And I can't, I can't stay here any more. It's just too crowded.

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The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes picture

Watson: Wouldn't it be ironic if Holmes' last case were a case of pneumonia?

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Airport picture

Joe Patroni: Okay. But you keep those dinky toys out of my hair and away from this plane for 15 minutes, maybe less. I'll drive it out.

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The Aristocats picture

Berlioz the Kitten: We were just practicing biting and clawing.
Duchess: Aristocats do not practice biting and clawing, and things like that. It's just horrible.
Toulouse the Orange Kitten: But someday, we might meet a tough alley cat.

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Chisum picture

Pat Garrett: Well, I'm upwind and I smell it on you.
Billy the Kid: Buffalo?
Pat Garrett: Death.
Billy the Kid: I see what you mean. Can it ever go away? That smell I mean.
Pat Garrett: Sure it can, with time, good company and patience.

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Husbands picture

Gus Demetri: Don't believe truth. Archie, just don't believe truth.

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Little Big Man picture

Old Lodge Skins: This boy is no longer a boy. He's a brave. He is little in body, but his heart is big. His name shall be "Little Big Man."

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The Railway Children picture

Phyllis Waterbury: Apple pie for breakfast - we can't be poor after all.

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Waterloo picture

Napoleon Bonaparte: Never interrupt your enemy while he's making a mistake. That's bad manners.

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Brewster McCloud picture

The Lecturer: Social behavior. Schjelderup-Ebbe first used the word dominance in describing his observations on the social hierarchies of birds. He concluded that within a flock, composed of single species, there exists a definite order of social distinctions. And between any two birds, one invariably has precedence over the other.

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Catch-22 picture

Yossarian: Those bastards are trying to kill me.
1st Lt. Milo Minderbinder: No one is trying to kill you sweetheart. Now eat your dessert like a good boy.
Yossarian: Oh yeah? Then why are they shooting at me Milo?
Dobbs: They're shooting at everyone Yossarian.
Yossarian: And what difference does that make?
Dobbs: Look Yossarian, suppose, I mean just suppose everyone thought the same way you do.
Yossarian: Then I'd be a damn fool to think any different.

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Rio Lobo picture

Dr. Jones: Mr, UH?
Cord McNally: Doesn't matter.
Dr. Jones: Well, Mr Doesn't matter we ought to give them one last good yell, they usually yell a lot when I give them a shot of this.
Cord McNally: YOW! That's the real stuff.
Dr. Jones: Well, if you had been a good enough actor I wouldn't have used it.
Cord McNally: Cord McNally.

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The Molly Maguires picture

Detective James McParlan: Dougherty, then? You've time enough for that. He's not hanged yet.
Jack Kehoe: You're a cool one.
Detective James McParlan: That's the difference between us, Jack.
Jack Kehoe: I have no coolness in me at all.

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Carry on Loving picture

Sidney Bliss: I don't want much. Just to worship at your feet.
Esme Crowfoot: I've got better bits.

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Taste the Blood of Dracula picture

Dracula: They have destroyed my servant. They will be destroyed.

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